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Former Attorneys General Swallow and Shurtleff Arrested

(KCPW News) Two former Utah Attorneys General were arrested...
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    • Homeowner who fought off Trump is moving on 07/31/2014
      She once called Donald Trump "a maggot, a cockroach and a crumb." This week, he remembered her as "an impossible person."
    • AP Exclusive: Study blames lost calves on panthers 07/31/2014
      IMMOKALEE, Fla. (AP) — Since Florida's frontier days when cattlemen drove their herds through the state's vast fields and forests, ranchers and native panthers have been natural enemies.
    • Immigration courts speed up children's cases 07/31/2014
      LOS ANGELES (AP) — Immigration courts are speeding up hearings for the tens of thousands of Central American children caught on the U.S. border after criticism that the backlogged system is letting immigrants stay in the country for years while waiting for their cases to be heard.
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