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  • RSS National News (AP)

    • Occupiers at Oregon refuge say they'll turn themselves in 02/11/2016
      BURNS, Ore. (AP) — The last four armed occupiers of a national wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon said they would turn themselves in Thursday morning after law officers surrounded them in a tense standoff.
    • Things to know about the Oregon wildlife refuge occupation 02/11/2016
      BURNS, Ore. (AP) — An occupation by armed protesters of a national wildlife refuge in southeastern Oregon started out with demands that two jailed ranchers be freed and that the federal government relinquish 300 square miles to local control for ranching, mining, logging and other uses. It has stretched on for more than a month.
    • Justice Dept. enters Ferguson court case in strong position 02/11/2016
      WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department enters its court fight against the city of Ferguson with the apparent upper hand, given a months-long investigation that found vast problems in the way police and courts treat poor people and minorities in the St. Louis suburb.
  • RSS International News (BBC)

    • The Plight of Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia 02/10/2016
      Child refugees in Ethiopia; longest-surviving heart transplant patient dies; gravitational waves. (Photo: An unaccompanied minor from Eritrea in Mayani refugee camp, Ethiopia)
    • Trump and Sanders win New Hampshire 02/10/2016
      New Hampshire results; Special report from Ethiopia; Virginity scholarships in South Africa. (Photo: A man wears a jacket printed with the American flag and eagle. Credit: Eric Thayer/Reuters)
    • US: North Korea expands plutonium production 02/09/2016
      China's view on North Korea's nuclear programme; New Hampshire Primary day; world's biggest aircraft gets ready for take-off. (Photo: A North Korean long range rocket is launched into the air on February 7, 2016. Credit: Reuters.)