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      The Bottom Line (Air Date: April 25, 2017) – The Void is a new "virtual reality" center in Lindon, Utah. The c…

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    • What's behind the 'Israeli strike' in Syria 04/27/2017
      An Israeli missile strike has caused a large explosion and fire at a military site near Damascus international airport, Syrian state media report. Israel said the explosion was "consistent" with its policy to prevent Iran smuggling weapons to the Lebanese militia Hezbollah. We speak to a former head of Israel's national security council. Also in […]
    • China 'Key' to North Korea Nuclear Plan 04/27/2017
      The Chinese Foreign Ministry says it welcomes a United States plan for tougher sanctions and diplomatic pressure to persuade North Korea to abide by international agreements on nuclear weapons. The statement came after the US and South Korea agreed "swift punitive measures" against North Korea in the event of further missile tests. Also in the […]
    • Special North Korea Briefing for US Senators 04/26/2017
      US senators have been called to the White House for a rare, classified briefing on the Trump administration's strategy on North Korea. Also in the programme: a cheap and widely available drug which could save tens of thousands of women from death in childbirth and the opening of a museum of migration. (Photo: The North […]