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    • Pope Francis in Mexico 02/13/2016
      Pope attacks drug trade and corruption in Mexico; thousands protest in Burundi against Rwandan "aggression" ; Hieronymus Bosch's surviving paintings. (Photo: Pope Francis dons a Mexican charro style sombrero that was given to him by a person in the crowd in Mexico. Credit: AP)
    • Syria talks in Munich 02/13/2016
      The United States tells Russia to stop bombing civilians in Syria for the sake of peace; Thousands of troops are deployed in Brazil to warn the population about the dangers of the Zika virus: Migrants in Finland cancel asylum bids and return home voluntarily. (Photo: children looking out of a bombed out building; Credit:Associated Press)
    • An Endgame for Syria? 02/12/2016
      Assad vows to retake all of Syria; The Pope meets the Russian Orthodox Patriach; Can smartphones predict earthquakes? Picture: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gestures during an exclusive interview with AFP in Damascus on February 11, 2016. AFP/Getty