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  • RSS National News (AP)

    • Q&A: What's known about Planned Parenthood shooting suspect 11/29/2015
      BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C. (AP) — Robert Lewis Dear, the suspect in the deadly Planned Parenthood attack in Colorado Springs, frightened neighbors, had several run-ins with police and lived in different remote cabins and trailers in North and South Carolina and Colorado.
    • Planned Parenthood under fire literally and figuratively 11/29/2015
      LOS ANGELES (AP) — The fatal shootings at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic are the latest in a long history of violence at clinics that provide abortions and doctors who perform the procedure. Police aren't saying what motivated this most recent shooting. The attack comes as the nonprofit endures criticism from anti-abortion lawmakers and renewed […]
    • Official: Clinic suspect made 'no more baby parts' comment 11/29/2015
      COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Robert Lewis Dear was reclusive, and he seldom spoke to neighbors in a quiet patch of woods in rural Colorado where he lived.
  • RSS International News (BBC)

    • Russia announces sanctions on Turkey 11/28/2015
      Russia announces sanctions against Turkey in retaliation for the shooting down of a Russian warplane; Colorado family planning clinic shooting reaction; car races of the future - all electric, and no drivers (Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a news conference in Turkey in December, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Umit Bektas)
    • Kurdish Lawyer Killed in Turkey 11/28/2015
      Gunmen shoot Kurdish lawyer dead at a rally in Diyarbakir; Three people killed in an attack on a UN base in Mali; Could new data uncover the secret of Nefertiti's hidden tomb? (Photo: Kurdish lawyer Tahir Elci speaks during a gathering in Diyarbakir prior to his assassination. Credit; AFP / Ilyas Akenginilyas Akengin / AFP […]
    • Russia and Turkey Rachet up Tension 11/27/2015
      Turkish president says Russia's playing with fire; the northern lights go south and the southern lights go north; Adele album breaks sales records (Photo: A Turkish protester sets fire to a poster of Russian President Putin. Credit: AP)