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    • IS Forces Attack Rebel-Held Town 05/28/2016
      Heavy fighting in Syria; Rio Mayor dismisses Olympics fears; Roald Dahl's dictionary. (Photo: Syrians walk through the rubble following an alleged bombing by so-called IS in Marea. Credit: Getty)
    • Operation Condor: Former Latin American Military Men Jailed 05/28/2016
      The operation eliminated opponents and leftists across the continent. Also: The Taliban rallies behind new leader; The Roald Dahl dictionary; Should the Olympics be called off because of Zika? (Picture:South American states colluded to crack down on left-wing opponents Credit: AFP)
    • Kim Jong-un's Aunt 05/27/2016
      Relatives of North Korea's leader have been living in the US since 1998; Landmark Operation Condor trial in Argentina; Dr Heimlich performs his manoeuvre for the first time aged 96 (Photo: Kim Jong-un. Credit: Reuters)
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