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    • Top US Court Partially Unblocks Donald Trump's Travel Ban 06/26/2017
      US President Donald Trump has called a Supreme Court ruling allowing his travel ban to be partly reinstated a "victory for our national security". The Justices said they would consider in October whether the president's policy should be upheld or struck down. Also in the programme: leading members of the Jewish community are angry over […]
    • DUP Agree to Support Theresa May’s Minority Government 06/26/2017
      Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party have agreed to support UK’s governing Conservative Party in a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement. Under the agreement, they will support Theresa May’s minority government on some of its key legislative priorities. Also in the programme: Britain launches largest warship ever built for its Royal Navy, and a new bar in […]
    • Pakistan Truck Explosion Leaves Scores Dead 06/25/2017
      Around 150 left dead after an oil tanker carrying fuel burst into flames near the Pakistani city of Ahmedpur East. People from a nearby village reportedly gathered around the truck to collect leaking fuel when it caught fire and exploded. Also in the programme: Istanbul's gay pride march is shut down by authorities - again; […]