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    • Traders recall the 'rush' and 'roar' as famed pits close 07/06/2015
      NEW YORK (AP) — Pete Meegan had every intention of going back to college, but then he got a summer job in the Chicago trading pits and fell in love with the "roar" of the floor, the excitement of "4,000 people yelling, 'Buy! Buy! Buy!'" and decided no more classroom for him.
    • Deteriorating nails blamed for North Carolina deck collapse 07/06/2015
      EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (AP) — Nails deteriorated by years of exposure to the sand, salt and moisture from the ocean gave way, causing a deck collapse that hurt 24 people as they posed for a picture at a North Carolina beachfront home, authorities said.
    • 2 people dead, 3 missing after boat capsizes in Ohio River 07/06/2015
      LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Two people were killed and three remained missing after the pontoon boat they were riding in hit a barge and capsized in the Ohio River, Kentucky authorities said Sunday.
  • RSS International News (BBC)

    • Greece votes NO 07/05/2015
      Greece rejects bailout terms; NO camp celebrates; government promises to 'heal' wounds. Picture Reuters
    • Greek referendum 07/05/2015
      Greeks vote on EU bailout; 'blood antiques' from IS-held region; Tunisian killer's mother
    • Greece ready for bailout vote 07/04/2015
      Greek referendum; Tunisia state of emergency; man behind modern cheerleading. Picture by Reuters.