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    • Donors pour record $458 million into California initiatives 10/20/2016
      SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Political donors have spent a record $458 million on 17 statewide November ballot initiatives in California, beating the state's own record for the most spent on propositions appearing on state ballots in a single year, campaign reports filed Thursday show.
    • Half a year after 8 relatives killed, no answers or arrests 10/20/2016
      PIKETON, Ohio (AP) — Six months after someone shot eight members of an extended family to death in their homes, surviving relatives are still waiting — for an explanation, for an arrest, for a hint of closure.
    • Winter outlook: Warm south; cooler north; murky in middle 10/20/2016
      WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal forecasters predict this winter may paint the U.S. in stripes of different weather: Warmer and drier than normal in the south, and colder and wetter than usual in the far north.

    • Fresh Abuse Claim Against Trump 10/20/2016
      Inside a Las Vegas focus group as they assess the final US presidential debate; we hear from the injured of Mosul; the founder of Chess records has died. (Picture: Karena Virginia speaks at a press conference where she identifies herself as victim of sexual misconduct by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)
    • Trump and Clinton's Final Televised Contest 10/20/2016
      Analysis of the third and final US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; radio callers from inside Mosul; the art of Picasso's muse (Photo: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off during the final televised presidential debate. Credit: Getty Images)
    • Final US Presidential Debate 10/19/2016
      Final US presidential debate taking place in Las Vegas; Concern over Mars lander; How hard is it to contact Bob Dylan? (Photo: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Credit: Getty/Reuters)