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    • Swedes puzzle over Fox News' Swedish 'security advisor' 02/26/2017
      NEW YORK (AP) — A trans-Atlantic wave of puzzlement is rippling across Sweden for the second time in a week, after a prominent Fox News program featured a "Swedish defense and national security advisor" who's unknown to the country's military and foreign-affairs officials.
    • Neighbor: Bar attack suspect a 'drunken mess,' not political 02/26/2017
      OLATHE, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas man accused of shooting two Indian immigrants and a third man at a bar, in what some believe was a hate crime, was always a drinker but became a "drunken mess" after his father died about 18 months ago, a longtime neighbor said Saturday.
    • Muhammad Ali's son asked, 'Are you Muslim?' by border agents 02/26/2017
      Muhammad Ali's son, who bears the boxing great's name, was detained by immigration officials at a Florida airport and questioned about his ancestry and religion in what amounted to unconstitutional profiling, a family friend said Saturday.

    • The Fight for West Mosul 02/25/2017
      IS fighters using drones to hinder Iraqi troops' advance. Also in the programme: Brazil's Carnival goes PC; Trump's past BBC interviews. (Photo: Iraqi Forces Emergency Response Unit, Western Mosul. Credit: Martyn Aim/Getty Images)
    • White House Briefing Bar 'Doomed to Failure' 02/25/2017
      Media groups have reacted angrily after several outlets were excluded from an informal briefing with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. We discuss the significance of the bar with the deputy executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists. Also in the programme: The Benedictine monk saving manuscripts from war and theft; and is the […]
    • Kim Jong-nam killed by VX nerve agent 02/24/2017
      Malaysian police say weapon of mass destruction killed the North Korean leader's brother. We hear about the background of VX, and why it's the 'most deadly chemical weapon ever produced'. Also in the programme: Ida Odinga, the wife of the former Kenyan prime minister, tells us about her campaign to stop men paying for the […]