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Is Democracy Possible In Egypt?

The unrest in Egypt has topped national headlines during the first weeks of 2011. During a round table Friday at the Salt

Utahns Talk About Legislative Session, Issues They Care About

Throughout this year’s legislative session, you’ve heard from Utah lawmakers pushing bills on immigration, education, taxes and much more. But how much

86-Year-Old Loves His Job at the Legislature

Up at the Utah Capitol, if you look past the lawmakers and the lobbyists, and tune out the rallies and the noise,

Legislature Considers Privatizing State Mental Hospital

Should the state look at fixing a system that many say isn’t broken? That was the question before the legislature’s Senate

Lawmakers Vote to Repeal In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

After a 90-minute debate in a packed House Revenue and Taxation Committee, lawmakers approved a bill this morning to repeal in-state college

Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act Clears House

After a two-hour debate, the Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act cleared the Utah House of Representatives this morning and will now go to

Politics Up Close: The Arizona Experience

Today, we broadcast a panel discussion KCPW moderated at Sprague Library in Sugar House, called Immigration Policy, the Arizona Experience, hosted by

GOP Lawmaker Wants $8 Million for Education Web App

A Republican lawmaker wants the state to pay $8 million for a website that he unveiled with IBM Thursday at the state

LDS Church Says It Has Met With Christensen

The LGBT community is breathing a sigh of relief Thursday after Representative LaVar Christensen announced he’s pulling three of his bills, including

Is Sleeping at Work a Tax Crime?

A complaint against Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz about his practice of sleeping in his congressional office led to an attack this week

House Committee Backs Highway Crosses

State lawmakers are supporting the use of roadside crosses as a memorial for fallen Highway Patrol officers. A group called American Atheists

Jeff Muhs Opens 2011 Nature of Things Lecture Series

Jeff Muhs, director of Utah State University’s Energy Dynamics Laboratory opened this year’s Nature of Things Lecture Series on February 16 at

Hostile Cable Host Calls Chaffetz “Tax Criminal”

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz defended himself against repeated accusations that he’s a tax criminal from a hostile MSNBC host last night.

Chamber Explains Opposition to Verification Mandate

When illegal immigration-related bills are debated in the Utah Legislature, it’s not just immigration advocates who show up to the meetings. A

Lawmakers Midway Through Session, Not Fazed by Herbert’s Criticism

Utah lawmakers are past the halfway mark of the legislative session with a budget left to approve, immigration reform to consider and

Bill Would Stop Paid Teachers Union Leave

Should school districts pay teachers who leave the classroom to fulfill union duties? That was the question presented before the House Education

Proposed E-Waste Recycling Program Rejected

Electronics are the fastest growing waste stream in Utah, but a bill aimed at curbing this trend was shot down by lawmakers

Oslo Accords Architect to Speak in Salt Lake City

When the Oslo Accords were negotiated between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 1993, Dr. Yair Hirschfeld was a key architect of

House Committee Approves Worker Permit

A House committee approved a guest worker program yesterday that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain a permit to work in Utah.

Bill Defends Right of Utahns to Grow, Store, Eat Food

A bill that defends the right of Utahns to grow, eat and distribute their own food without federal intrusion cleared a House

GOP Lawmakers Stop Severance Tax Hike

A bill that would have increased the amount of taxes oil and natural gas drillers pay to the state of Utah didn’t

New Parole Violator Facility Could Help Offset Jail Overcrowding

Beds in Utah’s prisons and jails are hard to come by for new inmates. But this year, the legislature is committing to

Amendment to Gun Bill Squeaks Through House

A state lawmaker’s bill to eliminate gun-free zones around schools, daycares and universities was jammed this morning in the Utah House of

Lawmakers Reconsider, Pass School Bus Advertising Bill

Despite voting the bill down last month, the Utah House of Representatives reconsidered and passed a bill allowing school districts to sell

How to Re-Start Energy Innovation

Energy innovation in the United States has stalled, but with transformational change, it can get running again. That’s the message Jeff Muhs,

Bill Punishing Businesses for Hiring Illegal Immigrants Clears Committee

A bill that punishes Utah businesses for employing undocumented immigrants cleared the legislature’s House Business and Labor Committee yesterday. But as KCPW’s

Bill Bars Investment in Companies Supporting Iran Oil Sector

Two dozen companies may soon be prohibited from doing business with the Utah State Retirement Office. Republican Senator Curt Bramble is sponsoring

Rally Urges Legislature to Aid Drug Addiction Recovery

If Utah really wants to counter the rising rates of alcohol and drug addiction, it should promote programs that help people

Lawmakers Don’t Reach Agreement on Education Funding

Utah lawmakers on a committee that oversees education funding were deadlocked this morning after spending two hours trying to decide where in

Constitutional Republic Teaching Mandate Clears House

Utah’s schools will have to teach that the United States is a constitutional republic, if a bill passed by the House of