Monthly Archive:: March 2011

Advocates Tell House to Halt Food Tax Hike

Dozens of advocates and religious leaders gathered at the state capitol yesterday afternoon, urging House Speaker Becky Lockhart and her colleagues not

Utah House Committee Approves Three Abortion-Related Bills

Three anti-abortion bills sponsored by Republican Representative Carl Wimmer passed a house committee this morning, including one that would require the state

Charter School Funding Overhaul Clears Committee

A bill that would shift charter school funding to local school districts won the approval of the House Education Committee this morning.

Gas Tax Could Go Up

While Utah lawmakers aren’t eager to raise most taxes, a Senate committee approved a bill this morning to increase the gas tax

EDF President to Speak on Re-Inventing Energy

The discussion on cap and trade began long before Congress considered measures to reduce greenhouse gases. In fact, Fred Krupp, President of