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Conservationists Slam Attempt to Overturn New Uranium Claim Moratorium

Conservation groups are slamming an attempt by Utah and Arizona lawmakers to overturn the Interior Department’s moratorium on new uranium mining claims

Once-Expelled U.S. Ambassador Shares Experience in Salt Lake City

Former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Patrick Duddy understands that country’s tumultuous relationship with the United States perhaps better than anyone, after having

CityViews 10/13/11: Girlhood in Utah/OccupySLC

Segment 1: Girls have more educational and career opportunities than ever before, but that reality often becomes muddied by friends, communities and

Many Utah Colleges Forced to Limit Enrollment Due to Funding

Some Utah students planning to attend college in the near future may have to wait. While the Utah System of Higher

Lawmakers to Settle on Congressional Map

State lawmakers wrapping up the redistricting process will likely settle on a congressional map this Monday that closely resembles the map approved

Lawmakers Want to Overturn Moratorium on Uranium Mining Claims in Arizona Strip

Republican Utah lawmakers are teaming up with Arizona’s congressional delegation to try to overturn the Interior Department’s moratorium on new uranium mining

CityViews 10/12/11: An Alzheimer’s Boom

Segment 1: The number of Alzheimer’s patients in Utah is expected to nearly double by 2025. That’s prompted a state task force

Police Agencies to Train for Officer-Involved Shootings

Law enforcement agencies in Salt Lake County will participate in a two-day training seminar this fall to brush up on how to

Superintendent Larry Shumway Delivers State of Utah Education Address

Superintendent Larry Shumway discussed the Utah State Board of Education’s legislative agenda, which includes teacher tenure and merit pay, and reported on

North Ogden City Councilman Prepares for Third Deployment

When North Ogden City Councilman Brent Taylor isn’t serving his city, he’s serving his country. This weekend, Taylor will deploy overseas for

Occupy SLC Demonstration Continues to Grow

Occupy SLC’s tent city in Pioneer Park isn’t coming down quite yet. Camping out and marching in solidarity with the Occupy Wall

Late Harvest Has Farmers Worried about Selling Produce Before it Rots

Fall’s cooler temperatures have several farmers across the Wasatch Front wondering what to do with all the produce left over from spring’s

Huntsman Indicates Some Support for Occupy Wall Street

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman addressed entitlement reform leading up to his appearance at the GOP presidential debate tonight in New Hampshire.

CityViews 10/11/11: Learning a Second Language in First Grade

Segment 1: Utah has become a hub for bilingual education, with more schools offering Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese language immersion programs

Educators Consider Why Some Utah College Students are Unprepared

Nearly half of students entering their freshman year at Utah Valley University are required to take remedial courses to prepare for college-level

CityViews 10/10/11: UTA & City Creek (rebroadcast)

UTA bus on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. Photo: Flickr Segment 1: The downtown free fare zone is on the

Politics Up Close: Party Leaders, House Speaker on Redistricting

Utah lawmakers haven’t been able to reach an agreement on how to re-draw the state’s congressional boundaries, as the redistricting process has

U.S. Poet Laureate William S. Merwin Speaks at Main City Library

United States Poet Laureate William S. Merwin spoke at the Salt Lake City Main Library on Wednesday, October 5 as part of

CityViews 10/6/11: Fablehaven

Segment 1: Millions have immersed themselves in the magical worlds of Fablehaven, a hidden refuge for mystical creatures, and Lyrian, setting of

CityViews 10/5/11: Diplomacy and Not-So-Diplomatic Theater

Segment 1: In a new memoir, John Price traces his journey from immigrant to prominent Utah businessman to diplomat. But he also

CityViews 10/4/11: Great Salt Lake

Segment 1: Quick, what first comes to mind when you hear the words Great Salt Lake? Smelly? Briny? Empty? A Weber State

CityViews 10/3/11: Homelessness in Utah

Segment 1: The good news: Homelessness in Utah is down 8 percent overall. The bad news: The number of homeless school children