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New Program Helps Protect Kids From Identity Fraud

Utah kids now have protection against identify theft. Tuesday, the state launched a new program aimed at stopping identity fraud before it

Bill Aims to Eliminate Gender Bias in Custody Fights

A bill that would essentially give fathers a greater chance of achieving custody of their children in a divorce passed out of

Salt Lake City Police Department Hacked Over Graffiti Paraphernalia Bill

The website of the Salt Lake City Police Department was taken down Tuesday after getting hacked. A news release says odd postings

New Clean Air Initiative Relies on Voluntary Efforts, Not Regulation

A new, statewide initiative to improve air quality won’t include any new regulations, but purely voluntary efforts. As Utah Governor Gary Herbert

House Passes Base Education Budget

It appears education funding in the state has nowhere to go but up. This morning, the House of Representatives approved the public

CityViews 2/1/12: Pershing in the Presidential Suite

Segment 1: In his 35 years at the University of Utah, Dr. David Pershing has published more than 80 peer-reviewed articles, earned

Lawmakers Disturbed by Lack of Funding for Mortgage Fraud Prosecution

A Democratic state lawmaker is taking the legislature to task for giving money to the Utah Attorney General’s office to sue the

Legislation Would Allow Eminent Domain Action for Oil and Gas-related Roads

Property owners in Utah could be forced to sell their land for new energy-related purposes if a proposed bill makes it out

Democracy Day Draws Activists to Capitol

The legislative process can be difficult to understand sometimes, but Monday several hundred Utahns got the chance to learn the ins and

Education Office Developing Open Textbooks

A new plan from the Utah State Office of Education will likely save local school districts a lot of money when it

House Bill May Eliminate Democrats From Energy Committee

A bill that would allow Utah to continue its participation in a coalition of energy producing states, but eliminate the requirement that

CityViews 1/31/12: Genealogy 3.0

Segment 1: Finding out how many people are on your family tree is becoming much more than compiling a list of names

Legislation Creates Pilot Program for College/Career Counselors

Getting students more help with their college and career plans is the focus of one Democratic state lawmaker. A bill proposed by

DABC Review Committee Releases Report, Democrats Running New Liquor Legislation

Private-sector leaders are proposing changes to Utah’s liquor laws. In a report released Friday, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Review Committee,

Senate Committee Approves Teen Driver Cell Phone Ban

A bill that would ban drivers under 18 years old from talking on cell phones while driving passed out of a Senate

Victims of Nuclear Testing Radiation Remembered

It was 61 years ago today that nuclear testing began on the Nevada Test Site, as many residents of Salt Lake Cityand

CityViews 1/30/12: Redefining Autism

  Segment 1:   What is autism? A panel of the American Psychiatric Association is considering a redefinition of the disorder, causing

Politics Up Close: John Swallow running for AG, SL Chamber 2012 Priorities

As Chief Deputy Utah Attorney General, Republican John Swallow has battled against the federal government on issues like health care reform and

Bill Could Give County Lift Against Lawsuit

A bill that could turn the tides in a lawsuit Salt Lake County Auditor Greg Hawkins has filed against Salt Lake County

Senator Requests Extended Moratorium for Yalecrest Neighborhood

The issue of forming a historic district in Salt Lake City’s Yalecrest neighborhood hit the State Capitol once again yesterday. This is

Herbert Says DABC Not a “Big, Broken Problem”

Following an audit released last year that uncovered widespread mismanagement within the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Governor Gary Herbert says

Huntsman Junior Takes Over for Huntsman Senior at Cancer Foundation

Not too long after dropping out of the presidential race, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman already has a new job. Huntsman Junior

Air Quality Task Force Bill Gains Momentum

Although Utah leaders frequently participate in efforts like the Clean Air Challenge, 2012 looks to be the year the Utah Legislature could

Feds Say No to Portions of Utah Medicaid Waver

Though Utah lawmakers already passed a comprehensive Medicaid reform bill last year, more reforms are on the way. This comes after the

Governor Herbert Delivers 2012 State of the State Address

Utah Governor Gary Herbert delivered the 2012 State of the State Address tonight on Capitol Hill. In his speech, the Governor

Dems Focus on Education in State of the State Response

In their response to Governor Herbert’s State of the State Address tonight, Utah’s Democratic leaders stressed their priority this legislative session is

Lawmakers Table Resolution To Allow Legislators To Live Outside Of District

(KCPW News)  It appears for the time being that state lawmakers will still have to live in the districts they represent.  On

CityViews 1/26/12: Thupten Jinpa on Religion and Science

Segment 1:    Thupten Jinpa has devoted much of his life to studying Buddhist metaphysics and the power of the mind. He

Matheson Reacts to State of the Union Address

President Obama’s State of the Union address last night touched on some themes that could please some of Utah’s elected officials

Senate Looks to Protect Voters’ Email Addresses

Registered voters in Utah may no longer have to worry their email addresses will be made public when registering to vote, if