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Utah Republicans Prep For Convention in Tampa

As more develops on the status of Tropical Storm Isaac, Republicans continue to prep for next week’s GOP National Convention in Tampa,

More Utah Students Taking ACT Test; State’s Overall Score Drops

The number of Utah high-school students taking the ACT college entrance exam is on the rise. 97 percent of 2012 graduates took

Utah’s Paiute Tribe Receives Funding For Job Training

The Utah Paiute Tribe’s Koosharem RV Park and Campground has received another round of funding for technical training of its employees. Dave

Utah Department of Health Releases Report on Effects of Climate Change

The Utah Department of Health has released a new report on the potential health effects of climate change. KCPW’s Charlotte Duren talks

Trust Lands Generate $29 Million for Utah Schools

Utah’s public schools are about to split $29 million dollars as the school year gets underway. Margaret Bird, Director of the School

CityViews 8/23/12: Ulrich on Legacy Writing/ “The Book of Mormon Girl”

Segment 1: Whether initials carved into a tree or a message on a gravestone, humans want to leave a mark on the

Neighborhood Bars Plan Still Up for Debate

The fate of Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker’s initiative to allow bars in more walkable neighborhood areas remains up in the

Governor Adjusts Budgeting Office

In an effort to spend tax dollars more efficiently, Utah Governor Gary Herbert is reorganizing his budget office, creating a new Office

West Valley City Council Hears Request for Susan Powell Records

It’s now up to the West Valley City Council to decide who should have access to police records regarding the disappearance of

Mia Love Set To Speak At GOP National Convention

The Republican National Committee announced Tuesday that Saratoga Springs Mayor and Congressional candidate Mia Love will speak at the GOP’s convention in

Matheson Receives Backing From U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says it’s sticking with its friends this election, and Democratic Utah Congressman Jim Matheson is one of

CityViews 8/22/12: Stay-at-Home Dads/Finding the Next Big Entrepreneur

Segment 1: Recent U.S. Census data show that about 150,000 men have traded in their breadwinning role to become the primary caregiver

U of U Professor Ditches Term Papers for Wikipedia Articles

A University of Utah professor is ditching the end-of-semester term paper and instead assigning her students the task of creating a Wikipedia

Release of Susan Powell Documents Now Up to the West Valley City Council

More than two and a half years after their daughter, Susan Powell, went missing, Chuck and Judy Cox are continuing to search

Utah Ranked Most Charitable State

When it comes to charitable giving, Utah is on top. According to a new study, residents in the Beehive state give more

State Denies Utah Democratic Party GRAMA Appeal

The state’s Legislative Records Committee voted Monday against the Utah Democratic Party’s appeal to waive the remaining fees for more than 14,000

Matheson Visits For-Profit School, Praises Students & Administrators

Democratic Utah Congressman Jim Matheson offered praise to administrators at Fortis College and students studying in fields like nursing there as he

CityViews 8/21/12: Lessons from Vancouver/Visiting Every Utah Town on the Map

Segment 1: Vancouver boasts walking paths, skate parks, gardens, public art displays, outdoor markets and public squares. From Stanley Park to The

Solar Discount Program Compared to “Groupon”

In an effort to expand the use of solar power in the state, Utah Clean Energy is offering Salt Lake homeowners a

CityViews 8/20/12: Rivers on the Rebound/Coexisting with the Utah Prairie Dog

Segment 1: Historically, America’s rivers have been developed, polluted and neglected. But scholar Dan McCool asserts that the nation’s waterways are returning

Labor Leader Jim Judd Remembered After Death in Motorcycle Accident

Utah AFL-CIO President Jim Judd died this morning after being taken off life support, following a severe head injury he sustained in

Lawmakers Recommend Standards For Minimum Health Coverage

Utah’s Health System Reform Task Force unanimously voted today (Thursday) in favor of recommending an essential health benefits package. The plan will

Politics Up Close: Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Gov. Herbert’s Environmental Adviser

Progressive public policy is the goal of Democratic State Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck. The Salt Lake City lawmaker has served in the legislature

McCain Campaigns for Mia Love

With the November election just a few months away, Republicans are ramping up their campaigns in Utah. Just one day after a

VP Pick Ryan, Rep. Matheson Co-sponsored Successful Bill

Utah Republicans have been swift to praise Mitt Romney’s pick of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. But the only

Architects, Builder Announced for Performing Arts Center

More pieces are coming together for Salt Lake City’s proposed Utah Performing Arts Center. Wednesday, city officials announced who will be designing

Lawmakers Hear Update On Autism Program

Utah lawmakers gave an update at the State Capitol Wednesday on the progress of a pilot program offering health coverage for young

State Takes Closer Look At Child Poverty

A new study is tracking intergenerational poverty in Utah for the first time, and this morning, state lawmakers heard some of the

Goshute Tribe and State of Utah Begin Negotiating Water Rights

Utah Governor Gary Herbert is working with the Goshute Tribe to begin securing their water rights in Utah. The small tribe, whose

Chon Confirmed As Judge Despite Committee Rejection

Despite being rejected by the Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee, Su J. Chon, one of Governor Gary Herbert’s choices to replace two retiring