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Salt Lake City’s New Bar Ordinance Explained

After four years of discussions, Salt Lake City is now welcoming alcohol establishments to open up in many more neighborhoods. Last week,

Utah Cares – September 2012

KCPW, the Utah Nonprofits Association, and Utah Public Radio are partnering to spotlight the positive impacts of local nonprofit organizations.

Politics Up Close: Senate Candidate Brian Shiozawa, The Tribune’s Thomas Burr

Today on the show, we talked with Utah Senate Candidate Dr. Brian Shiozawa, the Republican nominee in District 8 including Cottonwood Heights,

CityViews 9/24/12: East-side Groundwater Contamination/Utah’s Right to Know

  Segment 1: Contaminants from a former dry cleaner at the VA Hospital are seeping into the groundwater on the east side

CityViews 9/20/12: Citizen Science/SFL Artist: Matteo

  Segment 1: Citizen scientists may not know how to analyze data or crunch numbers, but they are making huge contributions in

CityViews 9/19/12: Stories of Immigration/The Small Business Engine

Segment 1: Salt Lake City attorney Mark Alvarez has weighed in on the immigration debate and immigration policy for years. He says

CityViews 9/18/12: Preventing Violence/SLC Film Fest

Segment 1: An American ambassador is attacked and killed in Libya. Fourteen Mexican nationals are shot, becoming the latest casualties in a

CityViews 9/17/12: Utah Radicals/225th Constitutional Anniversary Wishes

  Segment 1: The Utah of the 21st century is known for its social and political conservatism, but surprisingly, the Beehive State

Politics Up Close: County Mayor Candidate Mark Crockett, Journalist Kurt Eichenwald

Today on the show, we spoke with Republican Salt Lake County Mayor Candidate Mark Crockett about his ideas for restructuring county government

CityViews 9/13/12: Ethnic Disparities in Health Care/ “Love, Loss and What I Wore”

Segment 1: The leading causes of death for Native Americans include diabetes, chronic liver disease and suicide, none of which are in