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Utah Cares – September 2012

KCPW, the Utah Nonprofits Association, and Utah Public Radio are partnering to spotlight the positive impacts of local nonprofit organizations.

Politics Up Close: Senate Candidate Brian Shiozawa, The Tribune’s Thomas Burr

Today on the show, we talked with Utah Senate Candidate Dr. Brian Shiozawa, the Republican nominee in District 8 including Cottonwood Heights,

CityViews 9/24/12: East-side Groundwater Contamination/Utah’s Right to Know

  Segment 1: Contaminants from a former dry cleaner at the VA Hospital are seeping into the groundwater on the east side

CityViews 9/20/12: Citizen Science/SFL Artist: Matteo

  Segment 1: Citizen scientists may not know how to analyze data or crunch numbers, but they are making huge contributions in

CityViews 9/19/12: Stories of Immigration/The Small Business Engine

Segment 1: Salt Lake City attorney Mark Alvarez has weighed in on the immigration debate and immigration policy for years. He says

CityViews 9/18/12: Preventing Violence/SLC Film Fest

Segment 1: An American ambassador is attacked and killed in Libya. Fourteen Mexican nationals are shot, becoming the latest casualties in a

CityViews 9/17/12: Utah Radicals/225th Constitutional Anniversary Wishes

  Segment 1: The Utah of the 21st century is known for its social and political conservatism, but surprisingly, the Beehive State