Geothermal – The Hottest Alternative Energy

10/09/2013 all-day
Commander's House, Ft. Douglas.
1965 De Trobriand Street Building 620 Salt Lake City
Utah 84112
Osher Lifelong Learning
Geothermal - The Hottest Alternative Energy @ Commander's House, Ft. Douglas.

Though a recent MIT study estimated that use of only 2% of the geothermal energy under US soil could supply all of the country’s energy needs for the next 2000 years, geothermal is the least known and least understood of alternative energy sources. Yet geothermal is clean, carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative, and provides power when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind isn’t blowing. Learn exactly what geothermal energy is, where it comes from, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, and what the future might bring.

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