Move to Amend 401k race

09/07/2013 @ 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Wallace F. Bennet Federal Building
125 S. State Street
Move to Amend Salt Lake
Move to Amend 401k race @ Wallace F. Bennet Federal Building

Giant corporations have given the 1% so much to be thankful for: soaring profits, legislation created just for big business and financial security for us 1%-ers.

And it’s time for us to give back!

Here’s the scene: On September 7th at noon, runners will don business suits and briefcases and go on a mad dash around the city to large corporations that are counter-productive to democracy.

At each site runners will deliver a big thank you from the 1% for all the work corporations have done to enrich us at the expense of everyone else!

The race spotlights Move to Amends’ campaign to pass a city-wide vote in September demanding an amendment that abolishes corporate personhood and states that money does not equal free speech.

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