Piper Brett: Poolside // Allison Lacher: Nonnative

07/18/2014 – 09/12/2014 all-day
175 East 200 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
385 215 6768
Piper Brett: Poolside // Allison Lacher: Nonnative @ CUAC | Salt Lake City | Utah | United States

Piper Brett: Poolside
Allison Lacher: Nonnative

Exhibition dates: July 18-September 12, 2014
Exhibition opening reception: Friday, July 18, 6pm-9pm.
CUAC hours: w-f 12-7pm, sat 12-4pm.

175 E 200 S
SLC, UT 84111

Media Contact: Nancy Stoaks 385-215-6768 art@cuartcenter.org

CUAC is pleased to present solo exhibitions by two conceptual sculptors, Piper Brett, based in Philadelphia, PA, and Allison Lacher, based in Springfield, IL. Both have exhibited extensively around the United States and are recipients of multiple awards and fellowships.

Piper Brett presents Poolside, an installation of “painting”, sculpture, and a cell phone photo taken of a former porn star at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Most items in Poolside originated in the urban landscape of North Philadelphia and detail a non-linear narrative and random aspects of Brett’s life, associations, and memories. Sculptural materials include a stick, a gold shopping cart hanging from the ceiling, a basketball with a handle, as well as a faux stone replica of the Maneken Pis fountain, famous in Belgium. Brett has also covered the gallery floor with a painting of water. Her installation anesthetizes backyard pool parties and the urban/suburban experience.

Allison Lacher’s Nonnative relies on the impetus behind an oft-generalized, catch-all cultural romance with the American West that spawns from landscape, climate, rich opportunity, and remaining lures that exist in our minds. Exotic Saguaro cacti, vaguely figurative and despite a dominant presence and large scale, seemingly greet affectionately with open arms and playfully disarm through earnest glimmer. The installation environment courts the audacity of optimism that spawns the pursuit of dreams and reinvention through forging ahead into unknown territory, while subtly acknowledging a looming naiveté. This exhibition is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

CUAC thanks our sponsors for these exhibitions: 3form, Big O Tires, and the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

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