Presentation: Tar Sands Refining and Climate Justice on the Wasatch Front

09/16/2013 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Chapman Library
577 S 900 W
Peaceful Uprising
Presentation: Tar Sands Refining and Climate Justice on the Wasatch Front @ Chapman Library

Join Peaceful Uprising for a presentation about an issue that’s seriously impacting our air!

Tar sands are asphalt-like deposits, and mining and refining them is a last-ditch effort to extract usable fuel from the earth. An oil-like substance is cemented into the rock, and turning it into usable fuel requires intensive processing that releases huge amounts of toxins into our air and water. It’s pretty much the dirtiest energy imaginable–yes, refining it is even worse for our air quality, and health, than refining regular crude.

Tar sands refining has already begun in North Salt Lake, at the Chevron refinery, which processes tar sands from Canada. This happened under the radar, without most people even being aware of what tar sands are–even though tar sands developments in Canada have been severely affecting people’s health for years.

Now, tar sands mining could begin in eastern Utah in the coming year–unless we stop it, which Peaceful Uprising and allies like Utah Tar Sands Resistance are working to do. But, we need to GROW the popular movement to stop tar sands in order to ultimately succeed. By demonstrating popular resistance, we show potential investors that tar sands developments in Utah are facing major roadblocks. This has set back start dates substantially, giving us confidence that we CAN win–with YOUR help!

We’ll give a presentation on what tar sands and climate justice are, and how this struggle is part of the broader movement for climate justice. We’ll talk about the effects of tar sands mining and refining on our health, and what the campaign has been doing so far.

Then, we’ll open a space for asking questions, and for sharing concerns, knowledge, and ideas.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Peaceful Uprising’s work, this is a great way to plug in! If you just want to know more about the issue and get updates about important events, that’s great too.

If you want to set up a presentation for your congregation, PTA, or other group, email

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