Raivo Puusemp: Dissolution

08/02/2013 all-day
Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S. West Temple Salt Lake City
UT 84101
Raivo Puusemp: Dissolution @ Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
Raivo Puusemp: Dissolution is the first comprehensive overview of Puusemp’s work produced between the mid-1960s and late 1970s. Puusemp is a conceptual artist who is interested in steering people into unwittingly completing his pieces by taking an action the artist had laid out as the next obvious step.

Puusemp’s collection of press clippings, council meeting minutes and public documents from his brief stint as mayor of Rosendale (1975-1976), a small village, plagued by an overbearing tax structure and problems with its municipal utilities. Puusemp saw his position as an opportunity to take a political problem and morph it into an art work.

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