Sundance Institute Summer Film Series: The Summit

08/28/2013 @ 7:00 pm
Red Butte Amphitheatre
300 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City
UT 84108
Sundance Institute
Sundance Institute Summer Film Series: The Summit @ Red Butte Amphitheatre

Although K2 is only the second-highest peak in the world, it is renowned as the most dangerous and revered by mountaineers as their ultimate challenge.

In August 2008, 18 of 24 climbers reached the summit of K2. Forty-eight hours later, 11 people were dead. What happened on that fateful day has never been resolved. Utilizing found footage, interviews with survivors, and seamlessly realistic reenactments, The Summit zigzags back and forth in time, interweaving multiple narrative threads and piecing together events, hoping to solve the mystery of what actually happened on that day—the deadliest in mountain-climbing history. At the heart of the mystery is the story of Ger McDonnell, one extraordinary man who chose to risk his own life to save others. With the help of breathtaking cinematography by Robbie Ryan and Stephen O’Reilly, director Nick Ryan creates a tension-filled, experiential film that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.The Summit pits Man against Mother Nature in her most majestic and terrifying extreme.

This film screening is presented free to the public.

Directed by Nick Ryan, 98 min., color
2013 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection

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