A Year-End Gift to Your Community

This station? It’s your local public radio station, and it’s your support that makes KCPW possible.

With the last month of 2015 upon us, we ask you to please consider a year-end contribution to KCPW. Your donation brings thought-provoking, public service-minded, local, national and international programming to your airwaves – an benefit for all of us in the greater Salt Lake Valley and beyond. ​

Active, sustained, public participation serves as the safeguard of the public broadcasting model. With your contribution, KCPW can remain a vital, educational tool and an important, independent voice for our community of listeners.

With actual operating dollars still to raise in 2015, your involvement is important. You can make a difference!

Over the past year, what we’ve heard on KCPW has affected us, provided important context, and allowed us to go beyond the surface of news stories and events. We learned and engaged with the world on different levels because of this station. All of this was made possible by listeners like you.

Now, as the year winds down, we’re asking you to be the public in public radio. Please make a contribution to KCPW today.

From the staff and board of KCPW, thank you!