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CityViews 11/13/12: Understanding Muslim Societies/Howard on Liszt

  Segment 1: The U.S. had a cozy relationship with Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. That is, until his ultimate ouster nearly two

CityViews 11/5/12: Parks on the Ballot/Year-Round Market?

  Segment 1: If the polls are right, Salt Lake County voters are likely willing to shell out about $6 a year

CityViews 10/31/12: Horror Films & Haunted Houses/Protesting Tar Sands

Segment 1: Haunted houses are big business this time of year and scary movies are popular year round. Why are we drawn

CityViews 10/18/12: Social Justice from the Frontlines/Nancy Holt

Segment 1: From child welfare to truancy to how the criminal justice system handles prostitution, social work intersects with the law in

CityViews 10/4/12: Designing the Utah Performing Arts Center/The State of Utah Nonprofits

  Segment 1: The Utah Performing Arts Center is emerging as a centerpiece of a vibrant downtown Salt Lake City. So what

CityViews 10/1/12: DaVinci’s Genius/Service and Purpose

  Segment 1: For over 500 years, people have marveled at the incredible mind of Leonardo da Vinci. The son of a

CityViews 9/27/12: Eye-Popping Pop-ups/Journey of the Baha’i Faith

  Segment 1: To say Robert Sabuda makes pop-up books is accurate, but understated. Sabuda’s 3-D creations are as much impressive works

CityViews 9/25/12: Women in the Boardroom/Collective Change

  Segment 1: A new study out of BYU and Princeton shows that women speak less in meetings when they are outnumbered

CityViews 9/17/12: Utah Radicals/225th Constitutional Anniversary Wishes

  Segment 1: The Utah of the 21st century is known for its social and political conservatism, but surprisingly, the Beehive State

CityViews 9/10/12: “Half the Sky” /Mexico Then & Now

Segment 1: Too many women around the world face forced prostitution, sex trafficking and gender-based violence. But a movement against the oppression