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CityViews 11/3/11: No Tax Hike, No Independent Auditor’s Office in Salt Lake County?

  Segment 1:   No new property taxes and continued belt-tightening. That’s the message Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon delivered during

CityViews 11/2/11: Soccer in the City

Segment 1: Eight years ago, Salt Lake City voters approved $15 million for a soccer complex on the city’s west side. But

CityViews 11/1/11: Combating Cyberbullying

Segment 1: Bullying is going virtual. A recent survey showed that 19 percent of Utah’s nearly 50,000 elementary and middle school students

CityViews 10/31/11: Questioning Leadership

Segment 1: From business to government to the PTA, leaders define expectations, set priorities and point out a way forward. They get

CityViews 10/27/11: Legacy of Larry H. Miller

Segment 1: During his dynamic life, Larry H. Miller built an empire of car dealerships, movie theaters and, of course, the Utah

CityViews 10/26/11: Controversy in the Stacks

Segment 1: Questions of mismanagement and intimidation continue to haunt Salt Lake City Library Director Beth Elder, so much so that a

CityViews 10/25/11: All is Vanity?

Segment 1: Drive along I-15 and you can’t miss the billboards advertising enlargements and sculptings and skin treatments. Utahns love plastic surgery.

CityViews 10/24/11: Food Policy: Supporting Healthy Foods and Local Farmers

Segment 1: It’s no secret that the federal government subsidizes farmers to grow corn, soy, wheat, cotton and rice – commodities that

CityViews 10/20/11: Profiles of Breast Cancer

Segment 1: Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among Utah women, but public awareness and early detection are saving

CityViews 10/19/11: Do Idling Bans Work?

Segment 1: Few argue with the facts that idling your car wastes gas/money and pollutes the air, but should it be against

CityViews 10/18/11: Gerald Elias

Segment 1: Publishers Weekly calls the novel Danse Macabre “an engrossing read.” Library Journal labels it “a musical feast for mystery and

CityViews 10/17/11: Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly

Segment 1: Much of the land Navajos consider sacred is within Utah’s borders as well. Now the Navajo Nation wants a seat

CityViews 10/13/11: Girlhood in Utah/OccupySLC

Segment 1: Girls have more educational and career opportunities than ever before, but that reality often becomes muddied by friends, communities and

CityViews 10/12/11: An Alzheimer’s Boom

Segment 1: The number of Alzheimer’s patients in Utah is expected to nearly double by 2025. That’s prompted a state task force

CityViews 10/11/11: Learning a Second Language in First Grade

Segment 1: Utah has become a hub for bilingual education, with more schools offering Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese language immersion programs

CityViews 10/10/11: UTA & City Creek (rebroadcast)

UTA bus on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. Photo: Flickr Segment 1: The downtown free fare zone is on the

CityViews 10/6/11: Fablehaven

Segment 1: Millions have immersed themselves in the magical worlds of Fablehaven, a hidden refuge for mystical creatures, and Lyrian, setting of

CityViews 10/5/11: Diplomacy and Not-So-Diplomatic Theater

Segment 1: In a new memoir, John Price traces his journey from immigrant to prominent Utah businessman to diplomat. But he also

CityViews 10/4/11: Great Salt Lake

Segment 1: Quick, what first comes to mind when you hear the words Great Salt Lake? Smelly? Briny? Empty? A Weber State

CityViews 10/3/11: Homelessness in Utah

Segment 1: The good news: Homelessness in Utah is down 8 percent overall. The bad news: The number of homeless school children

CityViews 9/29/11: Connecting the Canyons?

Segment 1: A proposal to build a tram connecting The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City and Solitude Mountain Resort in Big

CityViews 9/28/11: What Would a Broadway Theater Really Mean for SLC?

Segment 1: Salt Lake City continues to push for a Broadway-style theater downtown, but how would such a facility really affect local

CityViews 9/27/11: Mormonism and the Public Good

Segment 1: The gridlock in Washington has many citizens shaking their heads about the divisive nature of the debate and the polarization

CityViews 9/26/11: Reviving Topophilia

Segment 1: Paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Scott Sampson is asking a provocative question: With the rise of global homogenization and a steep

CityViews 9/22/11: The Leonardo

          Segment 1: Nearly eight years in the making, The Leonardo is nearly ready to open its doors

CityViews 9/21/11: Fares, Routes and UTA

Segment 1: The downtown free fare zone is on the chopping block and changes to TRAX and bus service are causing some

CityViews 9/20: Viva Frida

      Segment 1: Frida Kahlo is one of the most iconic figures and renowned artists of the 20th century. But

CityViews 9/19/11: Higher Ed

Segment 1: The economic downturn has more adults returning to the classroom to beef up their skills and resumes. But the cost

CityViews 9/15: Joining the Choir

Segment 1: Choral groups are everywhere in Utah, from barbershop quartets and sweet adelines to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and community choruses

CityViews 9/14/11: Urban Farming

Segment 1: It’s harvest time and not just in Utah’s rural areas. Urban farms, community gardens and farmer’s markets are cropping up