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CityViews 9/4/12: A Plan to Save History/In Memoriam: Jim Judd

Segment 1: Since the 2010 dispute in Salt Lake City’s Yalecrest neighborhood, the phrase “historic preservation” has been fighting words. But a

CityViews 8/27/12: “Watershed”/Building Better Batteries

Segment 1: The Colorado River, which flows 1,450 miles through the desert Southwest, provides life-giving water to 30 million people. But climate

CityViews 8/20/12: Rivers on the Rebound/Coexisting with the Utah Prairie Dog

Segment 1: Historically, America’s rivers have been developed, polluted and neglected. But scholar Dan McCool asserts that the nation’s waterways are returning

Saturday’s Voyeur 2012/The Grand Old Flag

Saturday’s Voyeur 2012/The Grand Old Flag Segment 1: “Saturday’s Voyeur,” Salt Lake Acting Company’s annual theatrical romp through the headlines, takes full

CityViews 6/21/12: Pilar Pobil/David Estes

Utah Arts Festival 2012: Pilar Pobil/David Estes Segment 1: From materials to genres to themes, the artist Pilar Pobil doesn’t like boundaries.

CityViews 6/11/12: Terry Tempest Williams/Walking the Granary

Segment 1: Award-winning author Terry Tempest Williams looked forward to reading the volumes of journals her mother left to her after her

CityViews 5/28/12: Making Furry Best Friends/”1493″

  Segment 1: Thirty years ago, animal shelters routinely euthanized stray cats and dogs to the tune of 17 million a year.

CityViews 5/7/12: Student Debt/”Race for the Cure”

Segment 1: College students in Utah have the lowest student loan debt in the country. But according to a Salt Lake Tribune

CityViews 5/3/12: Healing a Broken Heart/Children’s Voices

Segment 1: A broken heart may be just a metaphor, but neurologically the emotional pain of heartbreak and mourning can feel like

CityViews 11/7/11: The Fate of Granite High

Segment 1: South Salt Lake wants to buy the old Granite High School building for a community center, but to do it,