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10/18/2013: “Climate One: Fracked Nation”

Today we drill into the fracking bonanza across America. Hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – is unleashing a torrent of cheap natural

10/11/2013: America Abroad: “A Decade at War: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Counterinsurgency”

In this special anniversary episode, A Decade at War: Iraq, Afghanistan & Counterinsurgency, America Abroad looks back at the policies and lessons

10/2/2013: “Clean Air Forum: SLC council candidates debate air quality.”

This special, live broadcast aired on KCPW-FM 88.3 and 105.3 Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 7 PM. Candidates for Salt Lake City

10/04/13: “Reveal: There’s more to the story”

This special broadcast will air on KCPW Friday, October 4th at 9 AM and 8 PM.  For more information you can visit

9/27/2013: “America Abroad: Syria and the Responsibility to Protect”

Does the international community have a moral obligation to intervene more aggressively in Syria? We take a look back at past conflicts –

9/20/2013: “The Switch: A BURN special on the nation’s electrical grid”

The nation’s electric grid now penetrates all aspects of our daily lives; yet we don’t give it a second thought until something

9/13/2013: “John Prendergast: A Changing Africa”

Much of the news from Africa highlights the catastrophic and the tragic with war, famine, and lawlessness dominating the headlines.  Yet, many

9/06/2013: American Radio Works: “Second Chance Diploma: Examining the GED”

Today’s workers need more education and skills than ever before. But 39 million adults in the United States don’t have even the

8/30/2013: American Radio Works: “One Child at a Time: Custom Learning in the Digital Age”

Experts say technology creates new ways for schools to customize education for each student. This program documents the rise of so-called “personalized

8/23/2013: “American Radioworks: Grit, Luck and Money”

More people are going to college than ever before, but a lot of them aren’t finishing. Low-income students, in particular, struggle to

8/16/2013: “Permission to Speak”

As Burma transitions from dictatorship to democracy, hundreds of political prisoners have been freed after decades behind bars. Many former political prisoners

8/9/2013: “Climate One: Living a Low Carbon Lifestyle”

Today we are checking out low carbon lifestyles. In this hour we’ll tackle green myths and discuss what choices are good for

8/2/2013 Special Broadcast: “Six Months in Captivity: Judith Tebbutt speaks to Dan Damon”

In September 2011, Judith and David Tebbutt set off on holiday. They were kidnapped by armed pirates and Judith was separated from

7/26/2013: Climate One: Volatile Climate and Economics

Today we look at the global economy and the fuels that run it. After a hundred years of growth propelled by subsidized

7/19/2013: America Abroad: Iran At the Crossroads

What does Iran’s new leadership mean for the future of the country, its nuclear weapons program and relationship with the West, and

7/5/2013: “Satire and the Sacred: From Mohammed to Mormon Underwear.”

A panel discussion featuring Daniel Peterson and Victor Saul Navarsky. Moderated by Pat Bagley as part of the 2013 Association of American

What’s Up with the BRAIN

Last month, President Obama announced an initiative to study the human brain.  One of the researchers on the working group for this project

Learning Leadership Through Robotics

  This weekend, hundreds of high school students participated in a regional sporting event at the Maverick Center in West Valley City.

Weathering Change: Global Warming or Global Weirding?

  The global climate is expected to warm by 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century, but in many places,

Las Vegas Pipeline May Threaten West Desert’s Scarce Water

  The scarce water supply in Utah’s West Desert is already impacted by agricultural use and fluctuations in weather. Some worry that adding

Dr. June Round Delivers 2013 Nature of Things Lecture

ReDefining Human:  How Microbes Influence Who We Are Humans are home to vast consortium of bacteria that outnumber our own cells by

An Invasive Grass is Choking Utah’s Wetlands

  A plant invader is taking over Utah’s wetlands and is eating up habitat for millions of migrating birds. Kim Schuske with

Living With Radon Gas

It’s estimated that one in three homes in Utah have dangerous levels of radon – a radioactive and cancer-causing gas that naturally

Bill Offering Tax Credit for Hiring the Homeless Passes the House

(KCPW News) Utah is one step closer to helping the homeless find a job. Today, the House of Representatives passed a bill

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams Delivers First State of the County

(KCPW News) Less than a month after taking office, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams laid out his plan for the future

Small Satellites Aim to Protect Us From Solar Storms

  Students at Utah State University are learning cutting edge technology by building small satellites, and then launching them into space. Sheri

Demystifying the Flu

This year, flu season hit early, and it hit hard. In the U.S. and in Utah, the H3N2 virus has caused hospitalizations

Rev. Jesse Jackson Coming to University of Utah

(KCPW News) Next week, the country will celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Headlining the celebration at the

Gender-Neutral Housing Coming to University of Utah

(KCPW News) TheUniversityofUtahis taking more steps to accommodate LGBT students. Beginning in the fall, gender-neutral housing will be an option for on

Citizen Science and Astronomy

    Citizen science has taken off in the last few years. One area where ordinary people can make a big difference