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Can Utah Develop Solutions to Clean Up the Air?

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  The public has made it’s voice heard when it comes to air pollution in the state. Regulators and

Biology Inspires Next Generation “Bio-batteries”

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  Batteries that power our electronic devices contain heavy metals and other materials that are toxic to the environment.

When People and Wildlife Collide

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  Each year, thousands of vehicles collide with deer and elk that are crossing Utah’s highways, often causing major

Sounds of the West

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  Thousands of animal and ambient sounds from eleven western states have been recorded and archived in a digital

Antibiotic Resistance, A Looming Public Health Threat

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  Antibiotics are our main line of defense against bacteria that can make us very sick. But that defense

Will Depleted Uranium Be Coming to Utah?

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  The US has a lot of depleted uranium that needs to be stored and EnergySolutions wants to get

Our Water, Our Future

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  Utah is the second driest state in the country and we use about 40% more water per person

Proposal to Fund Schools Would Eliminate A Tax Exemption

(KCPW News)  A proposal to eliminate the personal tax exemption in order to fund schools was presented to a legislative committee on

Getting Serious About Cleaning Utah’s Air

(KCPW News)  On Tuesday, Governor Gary Herbert announced the creation of a Clean Air Action Team that will gather air quality data,

Curing Blindness One Eye at a Time

(Explore Utah Science/ KCPW)  The cost of removing a cataract – between $2,000-$4000 dollars – is prohibitive for many, leaving them to

Obamacare Moves Forward in Utah, but with Some Glitches

(KCPW News)  The individual Obamacare exchange opened today, but glitches are making it frustrating for some, who are anxious to sign up

Is Nuclear Power in Utah’s Future?

(Explore Utah Science/ KCPW)  Fears have prevented the construction of nuclear power plants for over 40 years, but Blue Castle Holdings is

The BLM Plans to Lease Land in the San Rafael Swell Angering Environmentalists

(KCPW News)  In November, the Bureau of Land Management plans to auction off over a hundred thousand acres of land in central

The US Interior Department Says the West Davis Freeway Will Damage Wetlands

(KCPW–September 5, 2013)  The Utah Department of Transportation wants to build a freeway that would go north from Farmington, adjacent to the

Utah Schools Get Their Report Cards

(KCPW–September 4, 2013)  School grades are out, but many teachers, principals, and education groups are not happy about it. KCPW reporter Kim

Read. Graduate. Succeed. Tutoring Program Receives 1.2 Million

(KCPW–August 29, 2013)  A statewide tutoring program has received a $1.2 million dollar grant to help struggling students learn how to read

The Brouhaha Over BrewHaHa

(KCPW–August 27, 2013)  A small restaurant is getting a lot of opposition in a Salt Lake City neighborhood.  KCPW reporter Kim Schuske

Navigating the Obamacare Health Insurance Marketplace

(KCPW–August 26, 2013)  On October 1st, people currently without health insurance will be able to sign up through Utah’s on-line marketplace or

A Book Deal Goes Bad Because of Gay Author’s Bio

(KCPW–August 22, 2013)  After working on a book for years, two authors say a Utah publishing company refused to publish their book

A Utah Hospital is Developing Medical Devices in House

(KCPW–August 20, 2013)  Intermountain Healthcare has created a lab with big name partners to develop medical devices and other technologies that they

Beer Is A Growing Industry In Utah

(KCPW–August 19, 2013)  Craft brewing brings in tens of millions of dollars in revenue to the state every year. As a celebration

How Much Will It Cost Utah to Manage Public Lands?

(KCPW–August 15, 2013)  The Utah Legislature and Governor Herbert want to take over public lands in the state, but nobody really knows

Utahns Speak Out On Their Water Future

(KCPW–August 14, 2013)  Utahns use a lot of water. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates domestic water consumption is 186 gallons per person

Is Sugar Toxic?: The Equivalent of Three Sodas per Day Kills Mice

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science–August 13, 2013)  A new study from the University of Utah finds mice that consume ‘safe’ levels of sugar

Advocating For Electric Cars in Utah

(KCPW–August 7, 2013)  Currently the state tax credit for buying a car that runs on natural gas is 4X greater than for

Is It Harder to Achieve the American Dream?

(KCPW–August 6, 2013)  A new report from the non-partisan Utah Foundation looks at the American dream and how well Utahns are achieving

Medicaid to Be Included in Healthcare Options for Low-income Utahns

(KCPW–August 5, 2013)  Utah is one of only 5 states that have yet to decide whether to expand Medicaid coverage to low-income

Is Petroleum Engineering A Job of the Future?

(KCPW–August 1, 2013)  The University of Utah is starting a new masters program in petroleum engineering to help fill high paying jobs

The University Of Utah Hospital Upgrades Their Burn Center

(KCPW–July 31, 2013)  The burn center at the University of Utah Hospital serves a five state area and treats around 500 in-patients

Hope for A New Treatment For Depression

(KCPW–July 30, 2013)  Researchers at the University of Utah have shown that the anesthetic isoflurane is highly effective at treating depression in