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Beer Is A Growing Industry In Utah

(KCPW–August 19, 2013)  Craft brewing brings in tens of millions of dollars in revenue to the state every year. As a celebration

How Much Will It Cost Utah to Manage Public Lands?

(KCPW–August 15, 2013)  The Utah Legislature and Governor Herbert want to take over public lands in the state, but nobody really knows

Utahns Speak Out On Their Water Future

(KCPW–August 14, 2013)  Utahns use a lot of water. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates domestic water consumption is 186 gallons per person

Is Sugar Toxic?: The Equivalent of Three Sodas per Day Kills Mice

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science–August 13, 2013)  A new study from the University of Utah finds mice that consume ‘safe’ levels of sugar

Advocating For Electric Cars in Utah

(KCPW–August 7, 2013)  Currently the state tax credit for buying a car that runs on natural gas is 4X greater than for

Is It Harder to Achieve the American Dream?

(KCPW–August 6, 2013)  A new report from the non-partisan Utah Foundation looks at the American dream and how well Utahns are achieving

Medicaid to Be Included in Healthcare Options for Low-income Utahns

(KCPW–August 5, 2013)  Utah is one of only 5 states that have yet to decide whether to expand Medicaid coverage to low-income

Is Petroleum Engineering A Job of the Future?

(KCPW–August 1, 2013)  The University of Utah is starting a new masters program in petroleum engineering to help fill high paying jobs

The University Of Utah Hospital Upgrades Their Burn Center

(KCPW–July 31, 2013)  The burn center at the University of Utah Hospital serves a five state area and treats around 500 in-patients

Hope for A New Treatment For Depression

(KCPW–July 30, 2013)  Researchers at the University of Utah have shown that the anesthetic isoflurane is highly effective at treating depression in