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Political Cornflakes: The Senate’s Good Old Days, BLM Complaints, Pioneers in DC

(KCPW News) Some Utahns were on Capitol Hill in Washington DC yesterday decrying abuses by the Bureau of Land Management. What was

The Rundown: Groundwater Depletion Threatens Long-Term Water Supply in West

Today on the show, groundwater is being depleted so rapidly from beneath the Colorado River Basin that long term water security in

The Rundown: Pioneer Days Gone-By with Historian Brad Westwood

Tomorrow is Pioneer Day, a regional celebration of the arrival of the mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley 167 years ago

West Nile Virus Found in Utah Mosquitoes, Precautions Advised

(KCPW News) West Nile Virus has been found again in Utah mosquito pools, and health officials are urging residents to take precautions

The Rundown: New Course in the Humanities Aims to Inspire Lifelong Love of Learning

Through the Summer on the show we’re highlighting some of our favorite interviews from the past year. Today it’s a conversation with

Former Attorneys General Swallow and Shurtleff Arrested

(KCPW News) Two former Utah Attorneys General were arrested on Tuesday morning on charges ranging from engaging in a pattern of illegal

Political Cornflakes: Miscast Votes and the GOP’s Immigration Reform Crisis

When casting votes on legislation, members of Congress sometimes make mistakes and have to fess up. Has that been the case for

The Rundown: Sherlock Holmes and Utah – a Conversation with Author Michael Homer (rebroadcast)

Throughout the summer on the program we’re re-airing some of our favorite interviews from the past year. Today, it’s a conversation from

Wolverine Makes Rare Appearance in Utah

An animal never-before-photographed in the state has shown up in camera trap shots taken by the Utah DWR. The agency’s cameras caught

The Rundown: When is Breaking the Law Justified? Civil Disobedience in America (Rebroadcast)

Today on the show we revisit a conversation from earlier this year about civil disobedience. In May, we spoke with Charles DiSalvo,

The Rundown: Dr. J. Craig Venter on So-Called Synthetic Life (rebroadcast)

Through the summer on the rundown we’re airing some of our favorite interviews from the past year. Today, it’s a conversation with

Political Cornflakes: Senator Mike Lee’s Victory Lap After SCOTUS Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against President Barack Obama this week on his recess appointments – appointments that Utah Senator Mike Lee

The Rundown: SLC Mayor Ralph Becker on Golf, Solar Power, Marriage and More

Today on the show we feature the latest in an ongoing series of conversations with Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker. On

The Rundown: Centrally-Assessed Businesses and Tax Reform Efforts (part 2)

Today on the program, part two of a discussion between KCPW’s Ross Chambless and representatives from the Utah Association of Counties about

The Rundown: Review of the Tenth Circuit Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Today on the show, we get a report on the decision by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals – upholding the overturning

The Rundown: Centrally-Assessed Businesses and Tax Reform Efforts (part 1)

Today on the program, part one of a discussion between KCPW’s Ross Chambless and representatives from the Utah Association of Counties about

Utah Republicans Urge Action on Immigration Reform

(KCPW News) Action on immigration reform has stalled in Washington since the senate passed legislation last year and the republican-controlled House then

Political Cornflakes: Thomas Burr on Approval Ratings for the President and Congress

(KCPW News) A new poll says only 16 percent of Americans approve of Congress as a whole. How does that compare with

The Rundown: University of Utah’s Dr. John Lin Working on NASA Satellite Science Team

Today we speak with Dr. John Lin, a University of Utah atmospheric scientist who is a member of NASA’s science team for

The Rundown: Better Utah’s Maryann Martindale Reviews Interim Meetings of State Lawmakers

Today on The Rundown, Alliance for a Better Utah’s Maryann Martindale fills us in on what happened at Wednesday’s interim meetings of

The Rundown: Salt Lake’s Urban Forester Tony Gliot on Tree Care Strategies

Today on the program we’re joined by Tony Gliot, Urban Forester for Salt Lake City, to hear about maintaining the city’s hundreds

The Rundown: Vincent Cheng on James Joyce’s Ulysses and Bloomsday Celebrations

Bloomsday is a celebration of the novel Ulysses, its author, James Joyce, and one day in the life of its central character

Political Cornflakes: Governor Herbert Lobbies for Medicaid Expansion Alternative

Utah governor Gary Herbert was visiting Washington this past week. What was the purpose of his visit? KCPW’s Roger McDonough posed that

The Rundown: EPA Plan to Cut Power Plant Emissions and what it Means in Utah

Today on the program we look at new rules proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency that aim to reduce carbon emissions from

The Rundown: Utah-Based Women’s World Health Initiative

Today, we feature a conversation between KCPW reporter Ryan Cunningham and Dana Allison, founder and executive director of the Utah-based Women’s World

The Rundown: State Dept. Refugee Resettlement Director on SLC as a Model (part 2)

Today on the show, part two of our interview with Larry Bartlett, Director of Refugee Resettlement for the US State Department. Bartlett

The Rundown: State Dept. Refugee Resettlement Director on SLC as a Model (part 1)

The State Department’s Larry Bartlett was in town last week to highlight how Salt Lake City is serving as a model community

Political Cornflakes: Did Mike Lee Get So-Called Straw Donations?

Indicted businessman Jeremy Johnson says he laundered money to Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee’s 2010 campaign. What will happen as a result

The Rundown: Same-Sex Marriage in Utah at a Crossroads

Today on the show, KCPW reporter Ryan Cunningham examines where the state of Utah is in the ongoing battle over same-sex marriage,

The Rundown: ACLU of Utah Legal Director John Mejia on City Council Days of ’47 Letter

Today, we speak with the ACLU of Utah’s John Mejia about his organization’s letter of warning to the Salt Lake City Council