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The Salt Lake Tribune becomes the first legacy newspaper to go nonprofit

The Salt Lake Tribune’s application to become the first legacy newspaper in the U.S. to become a nonprofit organization has been approved.

Veteran political reporter Rod Decker on his new book and the SLC mayor’s race

Rod Decker worked for more than 40 years as a journalist in Utah, primarily covering government and politics. His new book Utah

How recycling works (and how it doesn’t)

Today on In the Hive, we take a deep dive into the blue bin. Generally, your curbside recycling gets hauled away by

Sen. Mitt Romney in conversation on trade, climate change, and gun laws

Sen. Mitt Romney is home in Utah for the August recess. On Monday he gave a speech at the Sutherland Institute, and

Herbal remedy? Narcotic? ‘Passing fad?’ Just what is Kratom?

This week on In the Hive, after a chance encounter with an unfamiliar word, we delve into the world of a plant

The role of urban trails in transportation and recreation along the Wasatch Front

Across much of the Wasatch Front, there’s a system of urban trails – often paved, sometimes not, that weave through neighborhoods and

Snags in the rollout of Utah’s medical cannabis program, and the path forward

Utah’s plan for rolling out medical marijuana is in flux. Last week, two Utah county attorneys advised the health departments in their

Mayor Jackie Biskupski on the mayor’s race, the inland port, homelessness, and more

Today on In the Hive, a conversation with Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski. In five months’ time, Biskupski will wrap up her

Facial recognition scans of Utah drivers license and driving privilege card databases

Today on the show, a look at how federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI and ICE make requests for facial recognition

Inland port protests, teacher pay increases and the evolving Utah Jazz roster

This week in Utah, inland port protesters clash with police at the offices of the Salt Lake City Chamber; teachers and the