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Political Cornflakes: Huntsman Weighs Another Run – Utahn Honored at Fed

Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve honored a Utahn. But who was Marriner Eccles? To get the details, KCPW’s Roger McDonough asked

The Rundown: Take Care Utah’s Randal Serr on the Affordable Care Act in Utah

Today on the show we speak with Randal Serr, Director of Take Care Utah. Serr joined us in September of last year

The Rundown: What Does the Organic Label Mean? Part Two of Two

Today on the show, part two of our conversation about the organic certification of foods in America with former USDA Deputy Secretary

The Rundown: What Does the Organic Label Mean? Part One of Two

When you’re at the grocery store, what, exactly, does the label “organic” mean? We’ll take a closer look with Kathleen Merrigan, former

The Rundown: Public Lands Policy Revisited – With Utah Law Professor Robert Keiter

Today we revisit a conversation with University of Utah Law Professor Robert Keiter. Keiter is the Director of the Wallace Stegner Center

Political Cornflakes: Chris Stewart Hopes to Thwart EPA and BLM “Paramilitary Units”

(KCPW News) Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart is worried about “paramilitary units” at the Bureau of Land Management. What is proposing to

The Rundown: SLCPD Chief Chris Burbank on Rape Kits and Evidence Processing

Today on the show, we speak with Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank. Burbank recently unveiled a new program to try

The Rundown: Examining E-Cigarettes with Dr. David Abrams – Part 2

Today on the program, part two of our look into the evolving world of e-cigarettes. Today we focus on proposed FDA rules

The Rundown: Examining E-Cigarettes with Dr. David Abrams – Part 1

Today on the program, part one of a look into the evolving world of e-cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration announced recently

The Rundown: Congressional Inaction on Immigration Reform and Ramifications for Utah

Today on the program we’re joined once again by Telemundo Utah Immigration Specialist Mark Alvarez to get the latest on the continuing

The Rundown: Philanthropy in Utah with Community Foundation Executive Director Fraser Nelson

Today on the program we re-air a conversation with Fraser Nelson, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Utah. We’ll hear about

Political Cornflakes: Cliven Bundy’s Racist Remarks and Public Lands Tensions

(KCPW News) Utah Rep. Rob Bishop says Cliven Bundy isn’t helping himself with his racist remarks. What did Bundy say? KCPW’s Roger

Spy Hop Executive Director Kasandra VerBrugghen on Media Arts for Youth

Spy Hop has been helping Utah’s youth learn digital media arts for 15 years. Today we speak with Executive Director Kasandra VerBrugghen

The Rundown: USDA Rural Development Initiatives and Farm Bill Changes

Today on the show we have a conversation about rural development in America, with Patrice Kunesh, Deputy Undersecretary for Rural Development at

The Rundown: Dr. J. Craig Venter on Synthetic Genomics and a New Age of Digital Biology

Today on the show, Dr. J. Craig Venter. Venter is best known for sequencing the human genome a decade before most predicted

The Rundown: Sierra Club Report Predicts Dire Consequences to Utah Fossil Fuels Extraction

A report released this month by the Sierra Club highlights parts of the state of Utah for having enormous untapped fossil fuel

The Rundown: Earthquake Risks and Preparedness in Utah

Today on the program we’re looking at earthquakes and earthquake preparedness in Utah. We’re joined by Dr. Keith Koper, an Associate Professor

The Rundown: New Study Concludes Average Americans Have Little Sway Over Policy

A forthcoming study by two political scientists examines the influence held by various stakeholders over policy-making in America. As a result of

The Rundown: Utah Among Conservative States Aiming to Prevent Divorce

Last week, Scott Keyes of The Center for American Progress wrote in the Washington Post about efforts by conservative states to try

The Rundown: Utah Geochemist Identifies 4,000 Year Jet Stream Pattern with Modern Climate Implications

Today on the program we’re joined by University of Utah geochemist Gabe Bowen, senior author of a study published today in the

The Rundown: Making Historical Newspapers Available Online (Rebroadcast)

Today on the show we rebroadcast a conversation from the archives, with John Herbert, Program Director of Utah Digital Newspapers at the

The Rundown: Editor and Publisher Terry Orme on Layoffs and Changes at the Salt Lake Tribune

Today on the program we hear again from Terry Orme, Editor and Publisher of the Salt Lake Tribune. We last spoke with

Political Cornflakes: Cabinet Shake-up in Washington and Tribune Layoffs

(KCPW News) Each Friday we speak with Salt Lake Tribune Washington Correspondent Thomas Burr, author of Political Cornflakes, a daily online round-up

The Rundown: Adam Liptak on the Judicial History of Same-Sex Marriage in the US

With a federal appeals court hearing on the ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in Utah scheduled for April 10th, today we’re looking

The Rundown: Utah Researchers Discover Markers that Predict Impending Heart Attack

Researchers from Intermountain Medical Center have discovered genetic markers that may predict when people with heart disease are likely to have a

Political Cornflakes: Green Jello in DC and Presidential Selfies

Several of Utah’s winter Olympians were at the White House this week. What were they doing there? KCPW’s Roger McDonough posed that

The Rundown: Shortage of Affordable Housing and its Effects in Utah

Today on the program, the high cost of housing and what it means for Utahns. We’ll speak with Tara Rollins and Barbara

The Rundown: Architecture Broadcasts in the BBC’s Early Years

Today we speak with University of Utah architectural historian Shundana Yusaf about programs broadcast on the early BBC that sought to educated

U of U Initiative Brings Science Education to Jail Inmates

(KCPW News) A new partnership between the University of Utah and the Salt Lake County jail is working to bring a scientific

The Rundown: IRS Officials on Taxes, Fraud, Identity Theft and More – Part 2

The federal tax deadline is quickly approaching and today on the show we get part two of our “tax-education” with IRS Spokesman