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The Rundown: Pat Bagley’s Ten Notable and Notorious Utahns

Today on the program we visit with Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Cartoonist Pat Bagley. Bagley, who was a finalist for the Pulitzer

The Rundown: Foster Care and Adoption with the Utah Adoption Exchange’s Kathy Searle

Today on the program we replay a conversation about the foster care system in Utah and the US. Kathy Searle, Utah Director

Political Cornflakes: President Takes a Walk for Monument Designation

(KCPW News) President Barack Obama designated a National Monument in New Mexico this week. Are there more announcements planned? KCPW’s Roger McDonough

The Rundown: Regulating Drones in the Great Outdoors

Today we speak to Captain Torrey Christophersen with the Law Enforcement Section of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for a look

The Rundown: How to Recognize (and Prevent) Drowning

Today on the show we’ll examine the statistics surrounding drowning in the state of Utah, as well as some common steps you

Better Utah Recap: Interim Day at the State Legislature

Wednesday was the first interim day of the Utah State Legislature. What happens at an interim day? KCPW’s Roger McDonough spoke with

The Rundown: Largest Dinosaur Ever? SLC-Based Science Writer Brian Switek Not Convinced

Paleontologists in Argentina recently announced that they had uncovered the fossilized remains of an enormous new species of dinosaur, which some are

The Rundown: Mayor Ralph Becker on the Changing Face of Sugar House and the City Budget

Today on the show we’re joined for the latest in our ongoing series of conversations with Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker.

UMOCA Exhibition Examines Borders and Migrations

An exhibit that opened Friday night at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, or UMOCA, explores the melding of cultures along the

Political Cornflakes: National Police Week and a Hidden Piece of Utah in Washington

This week was national police week in Washington D.C., and a Utah cop was among those honored at a solemn ceremony in

The Rundown: Climatologist Michael Mann on Deniers, Climate Security and More

Today on the program we’re joined by Dr. Michael Mann, a well known climatologist who helped pioneer methods to track global temperatures

The Rundown: When is Breaking the Law Justified? A Look at Civil Disobedience in America

Today on the show we feature a conversation about civil disobedience with Charles DiSalvo, professor of Law at West Virginia University where

The Rundown: Helping Scientists Interpret their Data with Visualization – Part 2 (Rebroadcast)

Today we rebroadcast part two of a conversation from December with Miriah Meyer, a computer scientist at the University of Utah who

The Rundown: Helping Scientists Interpret their Data with Visualization (Rebroadcast)

Today we rebroadcast a conversation from December with Miriah Meyer, a computer scientist at the University of Utah who is having an

The Rundown: Spotlight on Watersheds – Red Butte Creek Start to Finish

Today on the show, Red Butte Creek offers a unique opportunity for scientists to study how a mountain stream changes when it

Political Cornflakes: Huntsman Weighs Another Run – Utahn Honored at Fed

Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve honored a Utahn. But who was Marriner Eccles? To get the details, KCPW’s Roger McDonough asked

The Rundown: Take Care Utah’s Randal Serr on the Affordable Care Act in Utah

Today on the show we speak with Randal Serr, Director of Take Care Utah. Serr joined us in September of last year

The Rundown: What Does the Organic Label Mean? Part Two of Two

Today on the show, part two of our conversation about the organic certification of foods in America with former USDA Deputy Secretary

The Rundown: What Does the Organic Label Mean? Part One of Two

When you’re at the grocery store, what, exactly, does the label “organic” mean? We’ll take a closer look with Kathleen Merrigan, former

The Rundown: Public Lands Policy Revisited – With Utah Law Professor Robert Keiter

Today we revisit a conversation with University of Utah Law Professor Robert Keiter. Keiter is the Director of the Wallace Stegner Center

Political Cornflakes: Chris Stewart Hopes to Thwart EPA and BLM “Paramilitary Units”

(KCPW News) Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart is worried about “paramilitary units” at the Bureau of Land Management. What is proposing to

The Rundown: SLCPD Chief Chris Burbank on Rape Kits and Evidence Processing

Today on the show, we speak with Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank. Burbank recently unveiled a new program to try

The Rundown: Examining E-Cigarettes with Dr. David Abrams – Part 2

Today on the program, part two of our look into the evolving world of e-cigarettes. Today we focus on proposed FDA rules

The Rundown: Examining E-Cigarettes with Dr. David Abrams – Part 1

Today on the program, part one of a look into the evolving world of e-cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration announced recently

The Rundown: Congressional Inaction on Immigration Reform and Ramifications for Utah

Today on the program we’re joined once again by Telemundo Utah Immigration Specialist Mark Alvarez to get the latest on the continuing

The Rundown: Philanthropy in Utah with Community Foundation Executive Director Fraser Nelson

Today on the program we re-air a conversation with Fraser Nelson, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Utah. We’ll hear about

Political Cornflakes: Cliven Bundy’s Racist Remarks and Public Lands Tensions

(KCPW News) Utah Rep. Rob Bishop says Cliven Bundy isn’t helping himself with his racist remarks. What did Bundy say? KCPW’s Roger

Spy Hop Executive Director Kasandra VerBrugghen on Media Arts for Youth

Spy Hop has been helping Utah’s youth learn digital media arts for 15 years. Today we speak with Executive Director Kasandra VerBrugghen

The Rundown: USDA Rural Development Initiatives and Farm Bill Changes

Today on the show we have a conversation about rural development in America, with Patrice Kunesh, Deputy Undersecretary for Rural Development at

The Rundown: Dr. J. Craig Venter on Synthetic Genomics and a New Age of Digital Biology

Today on the show, Dr. J. Craig Venter. Venter is best known for sequencing the human genome a decade before most predicted