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Committee Approves Clean Air Education Bill

Cities in Utah might have to give up on anti-idling ordinances to clear the air if some Utah lawmakers have their way,

Landlords Angered by Changes to Bill

So called “mom and pop” landlords, or those who operate small-scale apartment complexes, are fuming over changes that were made yesterday to

Senate Approves Pledge of Allegiance Bill

A bill that requires individual classrooms in Utah to recite the pledge of allegiance every school day got unanimous support in the

Paraeducator Funding for Failing Schools Passed by Senate

Utah’s failing schools may be getting some help in the form of paraeducators, after a bill to help pay for them cleared

Tax Break for College Grads Advances

A tax break for Utah college students who stay and work in the state got mixed reviews from lawmakers this morning in

Governor Not Fond of Plans to Overturn City Ordinances

Utah Governor Gary Herbert may be siding with local governments on a few bills being considered this legislative session to overturn local

Controversial Interstate Health Compact Moves Forward

A proposed interstate compact with the goal of petitioning the federal government for state control of Medicaid and Medicare dollars passed a

Workplace Bullying Legislation Held in Committee

State lawmakers voted this morning to shelve a bill aimed at stopping bullying in the workplace. Several members of the public supported

Governor Tells Utah Women They Can Have Both a College Degree and Family

Women who want to be homemakers in Utah should aspire to graduate from college just the same as women who plan to

Autism Pilot Program Advances out of Committee

State lawmakers and members of the public showed widespread support Friday for a proposed pilot program to fund behavioral therapy for young

Committee Shelves School Funding Proposal

State lawmakers decided this morning to shelve Democratic Senator Ben McAdams' proposal to increase funding for Utah's public schools. As KCPW's Whittney

Utah’s Guest Worker Law Survives Effort to Repeal

Legislation aimed at repealing Utah's controversial guest worker law failed to pass out of a Senate committee this morning after nearly two

Proposal to Allow Younger Kids to Have a Say in Custody Battles Fails

The Utah Senate rejected a proposal Wednesday to lower the age when a child can have a say in a custody battle

Downtown SLC Celebrates Harmons Grand Opening

Residents and commuters in downtown Salt Lake City can take advantage of the Harmons City Creek store on the corner of 100

Liquor Bills Meet Different Results in Legislative Committees

State lawmakers gave the green light to one of three bills considered Tuesday that would revamp some of Utah's liquor laws. As

Senate Approves Miltary Property Tax Exemption

The Utah Senate approved a bill this morning to exempt military personnel from paying state property taxes. Senate Bill 116, sponsored by

Legislature Blocks Liquor Sampling

Restaurants, hotels and resorts would have been able to sample the liquor they serve to their customers before purchasing it from packaging

Senate Approves Bill to Make State Pay for Health Insurance Mandates

A bill that requires the state to pay for health insurance mandates that lawmakers pass onto other public agencies cleared the Senate

DUI Checkpoints Could be Scrapped

DUI checkpoints could become a thing of the past in Utah. HB 140, sponsored by Republican Representative David Butterfield, repeals authorization for

Legislation to Overturn Anti-Idling Ordinance Advances

A bill that bans Utah cities from enforcing anti-idling ordinances advanced in a House Committee Thursday. Last fall, Salt Lake City passed

Utah Gets $171 Million in Mortgage Fraud Settlement

Utah residents who suffered abusive practices from big banks and lost their homes to foreclosure during the mortgage crisis are getting some

Lawmakers Reject Second Attempt to Ban Academic Tenure

A strike at lifelong employment for college professors failed to pass the House Education Committee Wednesday. Republican Representative Chris Herrod's second attempt

State Lawmakers Worried About UTA Debt

State lawmakers are looking for a silver lining in the Utah Transit Authority's mounting debt dilemma. A legislative audit revealed in January

Bill Adopts Latest Residential Building Codes

One state lawmaker’s attempt to bring Utah's residential building codes up to date hasn’t been assigned a committee hearing, despite widespread support

Proposal Would Exempt Active Duty Service Members from Property Taxes

A proposal to exempt military personnel from paying state property taxes while on active duty got broad support in a House committee

Senate Okays Cell Phone Ban for Underage Drivers

Legislation that would ban teenagers from talking on a cell phone while driving got the support of the Utah Senate today. But

Antidiscrimination Bill Fails to Move out of Committee

An attempt to get a statewide anti-discrimination law for the LGBT community on the books came closer than ever to becoming reality

Group Calls on State Lawmakers to Stop Wasting Money on Illegal Immigration Reform

A government records request filed by the activist group United for Social Justice reveals the state has spent more than $85,000 defending

Senate Approves Bill to Reduce Class Size

Utah lawmakers are putting more effort into reducing class sizes in public schools, with a bill that would cap them in kindergarten

Bill Lowers Max Age Difference Between Older Teens and Sexual Partners

A bill that lowers the age difference allowed between an older teenager and his or her sexual partner received unanimous support in