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The Big GOP Health Bill Vote, Will Herbert Veto the .05 Bill, and McAdams Taking Heat for a Homeless Shelter – Episode 177 (3/23/17)

This week Natalie, Jim, and Dan talk about the big vote on the GOP health bill this week; the news that Trump’s

Winder Self-Edits His Wikipedia, the GOP’s Health Plan, and Utah’s .05 Blood Alcohol Level – Episode 176 (3/16/17)

This week Natalie, Dan, and Jim are back in the studio, and somewhat rested after the 45-day session. They discuss whether Salt

Last-Minute Salt Lake Land Grab?, Tax Reforms Delayed, Barbershop Neck Massages, and More – Episode 175 (3/9/17)

It’s the final week of the session and Natalie, Jim, and Dan are talking about a last-minute bill to shape development in

Goodbye Curtain, Hello Zion Moat?, Will Lawmakers Tax Food?, Budget Wrangling, and More – Episode 174 (3/2/17)

With the end of the session fast approaching Jim, Dan, and Natalie discuss whether former Gov. Jon Huntsman could be working for

Outdoor Retailers to Leave Utah, a GOP Official Opposes Equal Pay for Women, and is Tax Reform in the Works? – Episode 173 (2/23/17)

It’s week five for the legislature and Jim, Dan, and Natalie discuss the Outdoor Retailers conventions deciding to leave Utah after a

Turmoil for the White House, an Outdoor Retailer Showdown, and Did Paid Outsiders Scream at Chaffetz? – Episode 172 (2/16/17)

The session is half way over, and this week Natalie, Jim, and Dan talk about the Outdoor Retailer showdown with Utah lawmakers

Week 3 of the Session, Utahns March to Support Refugees, and Lawmakers Urge Trump to Rollback Bears Ears – Episode 171 (2/9/17)

It’s the third week of the legislative session, and this week Natalie, Dan, and Jim talk about Jim’s criticizing of last year’s

Week Two of the Session, Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee, and Will the Zion Curtain Fall This Year? – Episode 170 (2/2/17)

It’s week two of the legislative session, and Natalie, Rep. Dan McCay, and Rep. Brian King discuss Trump’s conservative SCOTUS nominee Neil

Week One of the Session, Speaker Hughes Focuses on Homelessness, and Lawmakers Hear Utah Women Roar – Episode 169 (1/26/17)

It’s the first week of the 2017 legislative session, and Dan, Jim, and Natalie are recording on Capitol Hill. This week they

Inauguration, Chaffetz Calls Ethics Foul By Ethics Official, and Audit Finds Possible Corruption by Former Fire Authority Leaders – Episode 168 (1/19/17)

It’s inauguration week, and Jim, Dan, and Natalie are wondering if this time around it’s NO Hope and ALL Change? Also, who

Obama’s Final Address, Trump’s Team in the Hot Seat, & OR Threatens to Leave Utah Again – Episode 167 (1/12/17)

This week Jim, Dan, and Natalie talk about the upcoming legislative session and the Our Schools Now petition movement – will it

State Inauguration, Public Pushback on Homeless Shelters, & How to Spend Political Capital – Episode 166 (1/5/17)

This week Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams joins Natalie and Dan to talk about the opening of 2017 and the state

Best Gripes of 2016 – Episode 165 (12/29/16)

In this show we highlight some of the best gripes from Both Sides of the Aisle in 2016. So sit back, grab

Review of Utah Politics & News in 2016 – Episode 164 (12/22/16)

For the week before Christmas Jim, Dan, and Natalie review the political high-points and low-points, winners and losers of 2016 in Utah.

Homeless Shelters, Amazon Deal Confusion, Russian Meddling – Episode 163 (12/15/16)

This week Natalie, Jim, and Dan talk about Salt Lake City’s four new homeless shelters – did the state give the city

An 8th Term for Orrin?, Legislative Committees Get Scrambled, & Herbert’s Budget – Episode 162 (12/8/16)

This week Natalie, Jim, and Dan talk about what it would mean if Sen. Orrin Hatch runs again for an 8th term

Trump Using the ‘Art of the Deal’ on Romney? Could Mr. Noel Go to Washington? Huntsman for Senate in 2018? – Episode 161 (12/1/16)

This week Natalie, Jim, and Dan critique Trump’s cabinet picks; is Trump using ‘The Art of the Deal’ on Mitt Romney?; Could

Which Utahns may Join Team Trump, Can Religious Libertarians Abide a Muslim Registry – Episode 160 (11/24/16)

For Thanksgiving this year Jim, Dan, and Natalie discuss political turkies and other current happenings around Utah, including: whether Mitt Romney or

Still Counting Votes in SL County, UofU Athletic Audit, & the Trump Transition – Episode 159 (11/17/16)

This week Jim, Dan, and Natalie talk about the many thousands of votes still to be counted in Salt Lake County, making

Fear and Loathing from the Dems, Glee from the GOP – the 2016 Election Results – Episode 158 (11/10/16)

Well, the results are in. What a shocker. A ‘Black Swan Event”. Jim, Dan, and Natalie share their experiences and feelings after

Nasty Robocalls, Leaked Debate Questions, FBI Throws Weiner’s Emails into the Dumpster Fire, & Utahns Get Your Ballots in Quick! – Episode 157 (11/3/16)

This week Jim, Dan, and Natalie find plenty to discuss with less than a week before the big election: Utah Republican officials

Tim Kaine Panders Well to Utahns, Equality Utah Fights ‘No Promo Homo’ Laws in Schools, & More – Episode 156 (10/27/16)

This week Jim, Dan, and Natalie discuss whether the Utah Dems might be better at getting the votes out than the GOP

McMullin’s Lead the Conscience of the GOP? Marijuana or Opioids, and More – Episode 155 (10/20/16)

This week Natalie, Jim, and Dan talk about independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin leading Utah in a latest poll – could Utah

Republicans in the Fetal Position, Hillary’s Leaked Speeches, & More – Episode 154 (10/13/16)

This week Natalie, Dan, and Democratic Rep. Joel Briscoe, discuss the blow back across Utah from the bombshell “Trump tape” that emerged

“Mormon Leaks”, What to do about Gary Ott, & More – Episode 153 (10/6/16)

This week Natalie is joined by Rep. Brian King and Sen. Todd Weiler. They review the 2nd District debate this week between

Presidential and Gubernatorial Debates, BYU’s Big 12 Bid, More – Episode 152 (9/29/16)

This week Jim, Dan, and Natalie review this week’s first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and the gubernatorial debate

Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 151 (9/22/16)

This week Natalie is out, and Professor of journalism at Utah Valley University Jim Fisher is filling-in, joining Sen. Jim Dabakis and

Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 150 (9/15/16)

This week Natalie, Dan, and Rep. Brian King talk about the decision last week to not allow high school athletes to transfer

Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 149 (9/8/16)

This week Rep. Sandra Hollins (on the Left) joins Natalie Gochnour and Thomas Wright (on The Right) in the studio.  In the

Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 148 (9/1/16)

This week Jim, Natalie, and Dan discuss the recent political fundraiser talent show hosted by former West Valley City mayor Mike winder