Casual Friday Archive

Episode 5: Utah is the Grocery Bagging/T-Shirt Hoarding Capital of the World

(2/21/2014) A Utah mom single-handedly takes a PacSun store into record-sales territory, a South Carolina woman is jailed for failing to upgrade

Episode 4: Love, Bacon Style

(2/14/2014) A local orangutan helps Kara win $50, a Valentine’s Day date costs $99,300, and everything tastes like bacon now. Plus, adorable

Episode 3: Deadly Snakes, Cows, and Soap

(1/31/2014) This week, it’s all about things that can harm us: cows and their gasses, ninja-snakes at casinos, and explosive bars of

Episode 2: Mixed Couples Toilet Dancing in Sochi

(1/24/2013) Host Ryan Cunningham and guest-host Shelley Carpenter talk tandem toilets, criminal over-sharing on Facebook, and other news that really wasn’t worth

Episode 1: A Candid Discussion with the Inversion

In this episode: The natural partnership between cats and felons. World leaders hurting themselves. The increasingly accurate mile marker signs of the