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CityViews 1/14/12: SLCPD Chief Chris Burbank/ “Utah’s Canyon Country”

  Segment 1: On Monday, we’ll check in with Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank about a range of issues, from

CityViews 1/10/12: Guns in the Classroom / “Weaving a Revolution”

Segment 1: In the wake of the Newtown massacre, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre said, “The only thing that stops a

CityViews 1/9/12: From Point A to Point B/Ethnomathematics

  Segment 1: From FrontRunner to the Sugar House Streetcar to a new TRAX line to the Salt Lake International Airport, we’re

CityViews 1/8/12: Mixing Medicine and Diplomacy/Students as Social Entrepreneurs

  Segment 1: A local medical team from the Moran Eye Center is changing the lives of hundreds of patients in South

CityViews 1/7/12: Olympics 2026?/”Dido and Aeneas”

Segment 1: Salt Lake City wants to relive its 2002 Olympic dream and will go for the gold to host another Winter

CityViews 1/3/13: Salt Lake County Mayor-Elect Ben McAdams/Carol Masheter onWanderlust

Segment 1: Ben McAdams has served as a Democrat in the Utah Senate since 2009 and as a top adviser to Salt

CityViews 1/2/13: Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon/Utah’s Economic Forecast 2013

Segment 1: In 2004, Salt Lake County voters elected a political newcomer to bring fresh ideas and restore faith in a scandal-rocked

CityViews 12/20/12: The End is Nigh?/EVE 2012

Segment 1: The Mayan calendar, which dates back to 3114 B.C., ends on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 and that landmark moment has

CityViews 12/19/12: Good Urbanism/Vacations and the Entrepreneur

Segment 1: Making a place a more vibrant and more appealing place to live is a top concern for cities and towns

CityViews 12/18/12: Utah’s Tech Sector/Nature and Creativity

Segment 1: Nearly 50,000 Utahns work in the IT industry, a sector that grew a whopping 7 percent this past year. But