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CityViews 11/8/12: What is an American Muslim?/Remembering the Forgotten War

Segment 1: The religious identity of Muslims should not overshadow a citizen’s American-ness, but that same citizenship is conducive to being a

CityViews 11/7/12: Election 2012/Paula Poundstone

  Segment 1: Finally, Election 2012 is nearly over and after months of lively debates, non-stop political ads and sometimes ugly rhetoric,

CityViews 11/6/12: Prisoners as Organ Donors/LDS Earth Stewardship

  Segment 1: State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require state prisons to ask inmates if they’d like to sign

CityViews 11/5/12: Parks on the Ballot/Year-Round Market?

  Segment 1: If the polls are right, Salt Lake County voters are likely willing to shell out about $6 a year

CityViews 11/1/12: The Founders and Faith/Youth, Food and Growth

  Segment 1: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” That’s the start

CityViews 10/31/12: Horror Films & Haunted Houses/Protesting Tar Sands

Segment 1: Haunted houses are big business this time of year and scary movies are popular year round. Why are we drawn

CityViews 10/30/12: Health Reform Alternatives/“Its Head Came Off by Accident”

  Segment 1: Health care reform has been both pilloried and praised since it became law in March 2010. While the Affordable

CityViews 10/29/12: Going for Broke/Dying Forests, Part 2

  Segment 1: For the past 12 years, Daniel Suelo has lived solely off the land. He forages for onions and dumpster

CityViews 10/25/12: Leashes and Locations/ “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill”

  Segment 1: Dogs can roam free in seven areas of Salt Lake City and officials are considering adding another five off-leash

CityViews 10/24/12: Utah’s History of Liquor/Explore Utah Science

  Segment 1: The history of liquor in one of the nation’s driest states? You may think there wouldn’t be much of

CityViews 10/23/12: Voting Rights Act/Hope & Tim

  Segment 1: Thanks in large part to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, everyone today agrees that elections should be free

CityViews 10/22/12: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”/Arts & Community

Segment 1: Thirty-seven years after its premiere, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” remains a cult classic. Part sci-fi, part horror and all

CityViews 10/18/12: Social Justice from the Frontlines/Nancy Holt

Segment 1: From child welfare to truancy to how the criminal justice system handles prostitution, social work intersects with the law in

CityViews 10/17/12: “Of Mice and Men”/LWV Voter Guide

Segment 1: In addition to penning the classic novel “Of Mice and Men,” John Steinbeck wrote a stage version of the tragic

CityViews 10/16/12: Is the U.S. in Decline?/Tutored by the Land

Segment 1: In light of the Great Recession, lengthy wars in the Middle East and competition from China, some warn the U.S.

CityViews 10/15/12: Changing Iran from Within / “Apocalyptic Planet”

Segment 1: Between President Obama’s stern warnings toward Iran and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bomb diagram at the United Nations, there’s

CityViews 10/11/12: A Younger Mormon Missionary/Small Biz 101

  Segment 1: Over the weekend, Mormon church leaders made a major change in policy, lowering the age requirement for young members

CityViews 10/09/12: Global Soap/Repairing the World/Shannon Hale

  Segment 1: Ever wonder what happens to those slivers of soap you use in hotels? Derreck Kayongo did and decided the

CityViews 10/09/12: “Coal in our Veins” / Remembering Jack Gallivan

  Segment 1: Coal touched the life of Erin Thomas decades before she was born. Her forebears mined coal in Wales. When

CityViews 10/8/12: The Millcreek Debate/Medicine in Morocco

  Segment 1: Should an east-bench area of Salt Lake County become its own city? That’s the question facing the 60,000 residents

CityViews 10/4/12: Designing the Utah Performing Arts Center/The State of Utah Nonprofits

  Segment 1: The Utah Performing Arts Center is emerging as a centerpiece of a vibrant downtown Salt Lake City. So what

CityViews 10/03/12: “Escape from Camp 14”/”Your Land/My Land: Election ‘12″

  Segment 1: “Escape from Camp 14” tells the story of the only person to have been born and raised in a

CityViews 10/02/12: An Unvarnished View of Westward Expansion/The West in Contemporary Writing

  Segment 1: The prospect of California gold compelled a quarter of a million travelers to venture west in search of riches

CityViews 10/1/12: DaVinci’s Genius/Service and Purpose

  Segment 1: For over 500 years, people have marveled at the incredible mind of Leonardo da Vinci. The son of a

CityViews 9/27/12: Eye-Popping Pop-ups/Journey of the Baha’i Faith

  Segment 1: To say Robert Sabuda makes pop-up books is accurate, but understated. Sabuda’s 3-D creations are as much impressive works

CityViews 9/26/12: Obesity in Children/Comma or Semi-colon?

  Segment 1: A quarter of Utah kids are either overweight or obese. That sobering fact has public health officials and doctors

CityViews 9/25/12: Women in the Boardroom/Collective Change

  Segment 1: A new study out of BYU and Princeton shows that women speak less in meetings when they are outnumbered

CityViews 9/24/12: East-side Groundwater Contamination/Utah’s Right to Know

  Segment 1: Contaminants from a former dry cleaner at the VA Hospital are seeping into the groundwater on the east side

CityViews 9/20/12: Citizen Science/SFL Artist: Matteo

  Segment 1: Citizen scientists may not know how to analyze data or crunch numbers, but they are making huge contributions in

CityViews 9/19/12: Stories of Immigration/The Small Business Engine

Segment 1: Salt Lake City attorney Mark Alvarez has weighed in on the immigration debate and immigration policy for years. He says