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CityViews 12/17/12: Autism and Technology/Faraday Lectures

  Segment 1: A team of University of Utah researchers is focusing on how technology can help kids with autism develop social

CityViews 12/13/12: The Piano Guys/ “Anything Worth Doing”

  Segment 1: It all started as an online advertising ploy for a St. George piano store. Now, 130 million YouTube views

CityViews 12/12/12: The Heart of Salt Lake City/DesignBuildBLUFF

Segment 1: When you think of Salt Lake City’s downtown, what comes to mind? What stories or memories do you have of

CityViews 12/11/12: Fear of the Queer Child/The Mormon Gay Website

  Segment 1: The fear that somehow homosexuality is contagious or that children can be persuaded or seduced into being gay has

CityViews 12/10/12: Climate Change and Winter Sports/Vivaldi by Candlelight

  Segment 1: A warming climate will devastate the bottom line of the nation’s ski industry. That’s according to an economic study

CityViews 12/6/12: Utah’s Wasatch Range/Practicing Happiness

    Segment 1: What do the mountains – specifically the Wasatch Range – mean to you? From artists to activists to

CityViews 12/5/12: The Andromeda Project/Foreclosure Help

  Segment 1: Astronomers are urging everyone to get to know your neighbor. Your galactic neighbor, that is. Andromeda is the closest

CityViews 12/4/12: How to Boost High School Grad Rates/Evaluating Rural Education in Utah

  Segment 1: New stats show that only 76 percent of Utah students are graduating from high school, with much lower rates

CityViews 12/3/12: Biz Help with Healthcare/“City of Saints”

Segment 1: With businesses facing double-digit premium increases every year, the Salt Lake Chamber is offering some practical advice to employers about

CityViews 11/29/12: Free at Last/The Hindu Festival of Lights

  Segment 1: He pleaded not guilty to a St. Louis murder, but a jury took less than an hour to convict