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CityViews 9/18/12: Preventing Violence/SLC Film Fest

Segment 1: An American ambassador is attacked and killed in Libya. Fourteen Mexican nationals are shot, becoming the latest casualties in a

CityViews 9/17/12: Utah Radicals/225th Constitutional Anniversary Wishes

  Segment 1: The Utah of the 21st century is known for its social and political conservatism, but surprisingly, the Beehive State

CityViews 9/13/12: Ethnic Disparities in Health Care/ “Love, Loss and What I Wore”

Segment 1: The leading causes of death for Native Americans include diabetes, chronic liver disease and suicide, none of which are in

CityViews 9/12/12: Polarizing Politics/Victoria Rowell on YWCA

Segment 1: Meet Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein. One works for the left-leaning Brookings Institute, the other for the conservative American Enterprise

CityViews 9/11/12: “Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet”/Why Mars Matters

  Segment 1: According to a new biography, Brigham Young “was viewed by his followers as an indispensable protector and by his

CityViews 9/10/12: “Half the Sky” /Mexico Then & Now

Segment 1: Too many women around the world face forced prostitution, sex trafficking and gender-based violence. But a movement against the oppression

CityViews 9/6/12: “Wolfer” / Placebos in Medicine

Segment 1: For decades, Carter Niemeyer made a career of reintroducing the gray wolf into the Lower 48. As a government wildlife

CityViews 9/5/12: Depression-era Writings Rediscovered / ‘Antigone’

Segment 1: In the midst of the Great Depression, the federal government created an innovative and controversial work program for writers, artists

CityViews 9/4/12: A Plan to Save History/In Memoriam: Jim Judd

Segment 1: Since the 2010 dispute in Salt Lake City’s Yalecrest neighborhood, the phrase “historic preservation” has been fighting words. But a

CityViews 8/30/12: UTOPIA/Deana Martin Headlines SLC Jazz Fest

Segment 1: In 2002, a group of Utah cities got together to build a state-of-the-art fiber optic network, a technology infrastructure that

CityViews 8/29/12: The Case for Patenting Genes/Science Goes Hip-Hop

Segment 1: Can a company patent genetic material? That’s the heart of a case against Salt Lake City-based Myriad Genetics filed by

CityViews 8/28/12: For-Profit Colleges/The Civil War

Segment 1: For-profit colleges – schools that focus on skills and job training – aren’t fulfilling their part of the bargain. That’s

CityViews 8/27/12: “Watershed”/Building Better Batteries

Segment 1: The Colorado River, which flows 1,450 miles through the desert Southwest, provides life-giving water to 30 million people. But climate

CityViews 8/23/12: Ulrich on Legacy Writing/ “The Book of Mormon Girl”

Segment 1: Whether initials carved into a tree or a message on a gravestone, humans want to leave a mark on the

CityViews 8/22/12: Stay-at-Home Dads/Finding the Next Big Entrepreneur

Segment 1: Recent U.S. Census data show that about 150,000 men have traded in their breadwinning role to become the primary caregiver

CityViews 8/21/12: Lessons from Vancouver/Visiting Every Utah Town on the Map

Segment 1: Vancouver boasts walking paths, skate parks, gardens, public art displays, outdoor markets and public squares. From Stanley Park to The

CityViews 8/20/12: Rivers on the Rebound/Coexisting with the Utah Prairie Dog

Segment 1: Historically, America’s rivers have been developed, polluted and neglected. But scholar Dan McCool asserts that the nation’s waterways are returning

CityViews 8/16/12: Dealing with Data/Documenting City Creek

Segment 1: From facts and figures to mounds of information, today’s humans are swimming in data – or, as computer scientist Miriah

CityViews 8/15/12: Local Economics/Mental Health Awareness

Segment 1: The numbers are in and the results are – in a consultant’s words – “unequivocal”: independent businesses boost local economies

CityViews 8/14/12: Letters From Ethopia/ “Landspeed Louise”

Segment 1: Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has led the African nation since 1991, but his failing health has Ethiopians looking to

CityViews 8/13/12: Salt Lake County Park Bond/Council Considers Theater

Segment 1: A $123 million bond for parks was too rich for the Salt Lake County Council, but a pared-down version got

CityViews 8/9/12: Innovations High School/“Love Times Three”

Segment 1: Combine technology, self-paced learning, college courses and a classroom teacher and you’ve got Innovations High School, the latest educational offering

CityViews 8/8/12: One Woman, Multiple Personalities/Bullets and Belles

Segment 1: Jenny Hill’s complex mental landscape surfaced at age 4, when she vividly recalls losing track of time on the way

CityViews 8/7/12: New Westminster College Prez/Tour of Utah

Segment 1: Dr. Brian Levin-Stankevich was in the midst of a successful career as chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. So

CityViews 8/6/12: Taking Care of the Jordan River/Olympic Wrap

  Segment 1: Once contaminated with raw sewage, farm waste and heavy metals from nearby mines, the Jordan River has been cleaned

CityViews 8/2/12: “8” Premieres in Utah/”Walking Salt Lake City”

Segment 1: California’s voter-approved ban on same sex marriage could be on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Just this week,

CityViews 8/1/12: Child Poverty in Utah/SmartTrips

Segment 1: The newest annual KIDS COUNT report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation provides a clear picture of the impact

CityViews 07/31/12: Utahns for Ethical Government/Ransom Wydner of King Niko

Segment 1: A pending decision by the Utah Supreme Court will decide whether a citizen initiative gets on the ballot for Utah

CityViews 07/30/12: Common Core/Olympics Update

Segment 1: In 2010, the Utah Board of Education unanimously adopted the Common Core standards, an initiative led by the National Governors

CityViews 7/26/12: Freedom of Expression and School/Crispin Glover

Segment 1: Many who saw Bingham High School’s production of “Dead Man Walking” last spring applauded the performance, but others – including