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CityViews 11/28/12: Air Quality Colors/Science Meets Art

  Segment 1: For the past decade, air quality alerts in Utah have mirrored a traffic light, with green meaning clean skies,

CityViews 11/27/12: Transportation in the Canyons/LeConte Stewart

Segment 1: Traffic congestion, a lack of parking and issues between pedestrians, bikes and vehicles aren’t just city issues. As more and

CityViews 11/26/12: The Creative Process/Found Footage

  Segment 1: Novels, poetry, film – it’s all storytelling, but how do you take a narrative from one form and translate

CityViews 11/21/12: Food Assessment Study/The Pioneer Table

  Segment 1: Salt Lake City recently completed a study that looked at the local food stream, from the garden to the

CityViews 11/20/12: Population Growth, the Environment and Policy/ “Manning Up”

  Segment 1: From 2 million inhabitants in Revolutionary times to over 300 million today, the population of the U.S. has seen

CityViews 11/19/12: Costs of the Death Penalty/SFL: The North Valley

Segment 1: From trial to execution, capital punishment costs an estimated $1.6 million per inmate, according to state officials. But some families

CityViews 11/15/12: Rocky Anderson / “The Ordinary Truth”

  Segment 1: Former two-term Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson ran an unlikely campaign for president as candidate for the Justice

CityViews 11/14/12: Should the U.S. Go to War with Iran?/Adventures in Nature

Segment 1: The Hinckley Institute of Politics hosted a forum this week that posed a provocative question: Should the U.S. go to

CityViews 11/13/12: Understanding Muslim Societies/Howard on Liszt

  Segment 1: The U.S. had a cozy relationship with Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. That is, until his ultimate ouster nearly two

CityViews 11/12/12: Utah’s Latino Vote/Writing for Social Change

  Segment 1: According to Latinovotemap-dot-org, Utah saw a 65 percent increase in the growth of eligible Latino voters in the state