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Is Nuclear Power in Utah’s Future?

(Explore Utah Science/ KCPW)  Fears have prevented the construction of nuclear power plants for over 40 years, but Blue Castle Holdings is

Is Sugar Toxic?: The Equivalent of Three Sodas per Day Kills Mice

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science–August 13, 2013)  A new study from the University of Utah finds mice that consume ‘safe’ levels of sugar

Earthquake Risk in the Salt Lake Valley

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science–July 11, 2013)  You wouldn’t know it from experience, but the Wasatch Front is one of the most seismically

Biomedical Funding Cuts are Hurting Research in Utah

(KCPW/Explore Utah Science–June 25, 2013) For the past decade the nation’s major funder of biomedical research, the National Institutes of Health, has

The NSA is Collecting Our Data. Should We Be Concerned?

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science–June 11, 2013)  The National Security Agency has been collecting massive amounts of data on our phone and internet

What’s Up with the BRAIN

Last month, President Obama announced an initiative to study the human brain.  One of the researchers on the working group for this project

Weathering Change: Global Warming or Global Weirding?

  The global climate is expected to warm by 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century, but in many places,

Las Vegas Pipeline May Threaten West Desert’s Scarce Water

  The scarce water supply in Utah’s West Desert is already impacted by agricultural use and fluctuations in weather. Some worry that adding

An Invasive Grass is Choking Utah’s Wetlands

  A plant invader is taking over Utah’s wetlands and is eating up habitat for millions of migrating birds. Kim Schuske with

Living With Radon Gas

It’s estimated that one in three homes in Utah have dangerous levels of radon – a radioactive and cancer-causing gas that naturally