The experience of queer people of color in Utah

Today’s show features the stories of three people who identify in a variety of ways, including queer, Black, Latinx and gender fluid.

The end of DACA

Emily Means talks with Heath Becker, an immigration attorney at Immigrant Legal Services in Salt Lake City, about options for recipients of

Utah’s right-to-work law, unions and workers’ rights

Emily Means talks with Theresa Foxley, president and CEO at EDCUtah, about the influence Utah’s right-to-work law has on a business’ decision

Locals respond to Operation Rio Grande

Locals respond to Operation Rio Grande, a collaborative effort by the state, Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County to address public

The redistricting process

Emily Means talks with Rep. Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville, and Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck, D-Salt Lake City, about redistricting, the process of re-evaluating and

Utahns respond to Charlottesville

Emily Means talks with Edmund Fong, professor of ethnic studies and political science at the University of Utah, about the rise of

Hot, hot heat

Emily Means talks with Randy Graham, meteorologist-in-charge at the National Weather Service Salt Lake City office, about the effects of extreme heat

Places gone by

Emily Means talks with Melva Sine, CEO of the Utah Restaurant Association, about factors that determine the success (or demise) of a

Refugees making a home in Utah

Emily Means talks with Asha Parekh, Refugee Services Director at the Utah Department of Workforce Services, talks about the process of coming

Building Utah’s communities around public transit

Host and producer Emily Means talks with Keith Bartholomew, a professor at the University of Utah’s City and Metropolitan Planning Department, who