Discontent within the Utah Republican Party

Today on the show: what’s causing a divide in the Utah Republican Party? Hinckley Institute of Politics Director Jason Perry analyzes the

Sinclair must-runs and media ethics

Today on the show: a conversation about fake news, media ethics and the firewall between newsrooms and their corporate owners. Dave Vergobbi,

Medical marijuana research and legislation

(Original air date: Feb. 8, 2018) Today on the show, we talk about what’s happening on Utah’s Capitol Hill relating to medical marijuana.

Youth-led activism

Today on the show: a look at youth-led activism in Utah and throughout history. Ermiya Fanaeian and Abena Bakenra, two organizers of

A conversation with Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski

Today on the show, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski talks about efforts to combat homelessness and create affordable housing; Salt Lake

Sex ed in Utah

Today on the show, we look at sex education in Utah. A reproductive education bill focusing on the effects of pornography as

A conversation with Rep. Mike Noel

On March 1, In the Hive featured an excerpt from a longer conversation with Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab. Producer Emily Means spoke

Public art in Salt Lake City

(Original air date: Nov. 30, 2017) Today on the show, we look at the way public art shapes Salt Lake City. Dana

Utah’s fraught relationship with the Antiquities Act

Today on the show we look at the legislation sponsored by Utah lawmakers that would remove Utah from the Antiquities Act, the

Will Utah abolish the death penalty?

Today on the show: A renewed attempt at abolishing the death penalty emerges at the Utah Legislature. Rep. Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville, leads