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Utah’s first-of-its kind data privacy law

Today we explore a new, first-of-its-kind law in Utah requiring law enforcement to get a warrant to gather information from third parties

Governor Herbert says he’ll sign hate crimes bill

(KCPW News) Utah Governor Gary Herbert says he’ll put his signature on the hate crimes bill passed by the legislature. Herbert tweeted

Proposal on importing lower cost prescription drugs from Canada defeated

(KCPW News) [Audio after break] A bill that would have started Utah down the path toward importing lower-cost subscription drugs from Canada

Utah House advances bill to create state flag commission

A bill to establish a commission to look at designing a new state flag passed the Utah House of Representatives on Friday.

After years of attempts, Utah Senate approves hate crimes measure

(KCPW News) [Audio after break] West Valley Republican Sen. Daniel Thatcher’s SB103 would allow a judge to enhance the penalties someone faces

House approves measure to create more UTA free fare days

(KCPW News) One way to reduce air pollution in Utah: get more people riding public transit. One way to get more people

The legacy of the Legacy Parkway, where a ban on heavy trucks is set to expire

Right now, you can’t drive a heavy truck, like a diesel semi, on the Legacy Parkway in Davis County. But the prohibition

Lawmaker expects Utah hate crimes bill to meet with opposition in Senate

Utah hate crimes bill clears another hurdle, but its sponsor says he expects a fight on the senate floor. Lawmakers unveil a

House passes resolution on maintaining Great Salt Lake water levels

(KCPW News) [AUDIO AFTER BREAK] If the Great Salt Lake dries up much more than it already has, the consequences could be

Utah House endorses change to state constitution on slavery

(KCPW News) The Utah House of Representatives has endorsed a proposal to change the state constitution so that slavery is banned in