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Mormon church leader Monson dies, and will Mitt Romney replace Hatch?

After 41 years in office, Orrin Hatch says he will retire from the Senate early next year. The news has led to

Supporters of Bears Ears National Monument

How do Native peoples feel about Pres. Donald Trump’s decision to re-size the Bears Ears National Monument? Braidan Weeks, communications coordinator for

Drone Warfare and the Law of Armed Conflict

Today unpiloted airplanes – drones, flying virtually unseen miles above the Earth – are common in the skies over Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen,

Talking to Conservatives Effectively about Climate Change

(Air dates: November 22 ~ 25, 2017) — Climate change is among the most politicized and, sadly, polarized scientific issues in recent

The impostor syndrome

Have you ever felt like a phony? On today’s show, Emily Means discusses the “impostor phenomenon” with Aida Neimarlija, partner at the

Unexpected Minorities in the U.S. Military

(Air dates: November 15 ~ 18, 2017) — In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Hinckley Institute hosted a conversation about “Unexpected Minorities”

Enriching Utah’s Classrooms Through Play

Playworks originated in Oakland, CA, as an innovative approach to resolving student discipline problems and bullying during recess. The idea quickly caught

Utah’s newest tyrannosaur fossil

Today on the show, we talk about the recently excavated tyrannosaur fossil found at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Tylor Birthisel, paleontology lab

Feds OK Utah’s Medicaid waiver, a manhunt follows a U. shooting and Utahns in Congress discuss Mueller indictments

President Donald Trump’s administration approves Utah’s request for a Medicaid waiver to help fund Operation Rio Grande. The fatal shooting of a

Doctors Without Borders Exhibit Visits Salt Lake

Imagine if you were suddenly forced to leave your home because of violent conflict? What few items would you take? Where would