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Bill requiring anti-harassment training for lobbyists advances to House

A bill aimed at making sure lobbyists on Utah’s Capitol Hill are trained in avoiding workplace harassment passed the House Government Operations

Resolution exempting Utah from Antiquities Act passes Utah House

A measure asking Congress to exempt Utah from the 1906 Antiquities Act passed through the Utah House Friday. Lawmakers voted 59-13 to

Lawmakers Consider Changes to Bicycle Traffic Laws

(KCPW News)[AUDIO AFTER BREAK] Utah cyclists might soon be able to legally run through stop signs and red lights. House Bill 58

Lawmaker Requests $2 Million to Sue California Over Coal Fee

(KCPW News) Utah Rep. Mike Noel says California’s preference for renewable energy represents a war on Utah coal. KCPW’s Roger McDonough reports.

ABU Update: Efforts to Upend (Some) Ballot Initiatives Stall

Chase Thomas from Alliance for a Better Utah joins KCPW’s Roger McDonough for an update from the 2018 Utah Legislative Session. Today,

Bill to thwart 2014 elections compromise fails

The Utah House of Representatives rejected a bill that would undermine a contentious compromise over elections on Thursday. House Bill 68 would

Claiming National Monuments Success, Nonprofit Seeks $500,000 from Lawmakers

(KCPW News) The Foundation for Integrated Resource Management (FIRM) is again requesting $500,000 from the state of Utah to fund its legal

ABU Update: Lawmakers Hoping to Temper Ballot Initiatives

Every Monday Chase Thomas from Alliance for a Better Utah joins KCPW’s Roger McDonough to talk about the 2018 Utah Legislative Session.

An immigrant mother finds sanctuary in a Utah church; the price of the state prison rises; and new information surfaces on the Lake Powell Pipeline application process.

On the eve of her scheduled deportation, a young mother and her two children find sanctuary at the Unitarian Church in Salt

Bill Would Make Killing a Police Dog a Second-Degree Felony

(KCPW News) [AUDIO AFTER BREAK] Salt Lake Democratic State Senator Jani Iwamoto wants to make the penalty for killing a police dog more