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Family Stumbles Upon Ancient Bones in Backyard

(KCPW News) A Salt Lake City family digging out a pond in their backyard has come across a rather unexpected object: a

Desert Dust Events Could Trigger Early Wasatch Snowmelt

Dust events occur regularly each spring along the Wasatch Front, and they could be impacting how much water is ultimately available for

Utah Eagerly Awaits Tier 3 Fuel, Automobile Relief

(KCPW News) At the beginning of the legislative session, air quality emerged as a major concern for Utahns and a top priority

Utah Representative Seeks to Clarify Definition of “Natural” Air

(KCPW News) In the run-up to Utah’s legislative session, many bills are in the works or already drafted. One such bill is

Astronomers Hoping Comet ISON Puts On a Show

(KCPW News) “Comet of the century.” “Once in a lifetime event.” These are some of the ways Comet ISON has been described

High Schoolers Jockey to be ‘Fastest Geek’

(KCPW News) Students at Hunter High School in West Valley competed in the sixth annual Fastest Geek Contest on Friday. Students who

Utah Researchers Discover New Dinosaur Species

(KCPW News) Researchers announced the discovery of a new dinosaur species at the Natural History Museum of Utah on Wednesday. The specimen