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Innovating With Urban Ag

Shawn Peterson’s mobile greenhouse gets lots of attention. In 2011, after he converted the old school bus into a vehicle for urban

VidAngel: “Not Just a Company, It’s a Movement”

Covering a child’s eyes or ears during a scary or profane movie scene is something many families customarily do. So in 2012

Utah and the Business of Making Movies

Filmmakers have long appreciated Utah’s majestic landscapes for imagining the “old West,” an alien planet, or a neighborhood in “anytown U.S.A.”  Over

Purveying “Awesome”

The Bottom Line (Air Date: October 17, 2017) – Case Lawrence tapped into pent-up adrenaline, but didn’t fully realize it. When he

The Bottom Line: Pop Art Gourmet Popcorn

The Bottom Line (Air Date: December 16, 2014) – You are not alone if you think gourmet popcorn is a niche business.

Obligated to Give Back

The Bottom Line – (Original Air date: April 19, 2016) Bassam Salem immigrated to the U.S. from Egypt as a young kid.

Making Robots Plow, Protect, Dig, and Clean – Mel Torrie, President and CEO of Autonomous Solutions

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: November 8, 2016) – The dawning age of driver-less cars are much-discussed as of late. But

Bryan Brandenburg – Artist, Game Designer, and Co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: September 27, 2016) –Few events have suddenly turned so wildly popular – and profitable – as

Hungry? Meet Hello Eats

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: December 27, 2016) – Gabe Gundersen believes he has a better meal-ordering platform for hungry restaurant

How to Get People to Eat Bugs, and Like It

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: February 14, 2017) – How do you launch a sustainable food revolution? Perhaps it requires a