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Rethinking regenerative medicine with PolarityTE

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: November 6, 2018) – Denver Lough, MD, PhD is the Founder, CEO and President of PolarityTE. On the

100 Cures in 10 Years with Recursion Pharmaceuticals

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: May 15, 2018) — Chris Gibson, Co-Founder and CEO of Recursion Pharmaceuticals.  You may have heard of

Empowering women leadership in Utah with Dr. Susan Madsen

The Bottom Line – Dr. Susan Madsen is an author, professor, and founding director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project and

Data analytics, machine learning and AI with Big Squid

The Bottom Line – (Original Air date: October 23, 2018) Chris Knoch, CEO and founder of Big Squid–a company focused on bringing the power of

Jed Beal, Founder and Co-owner of Jed’s Barber Shop

The Bottom Line – This week’s program featured a local spotlight interview with Jed Beal, founder and co-owner of Jed’s Barber Shop. A local

Derek Kitchen, co-owner of Laziz Kitchen and State Senator-elect

The Bottom Line – Laziz Kitchen co-owner and State Senator-elect Derek Kitchen tells the story of how selling hummus at the Downtown Salt Lake

Jamaica Trinnaman of Hello! Bulk Markets

The Bottom Line – This week’s program featured a local spotlight interview with Jamaica Trinnaman, founder and CEO of Hello! Bulk Markets. An early stage

Elevating the voices of product experts — Tom Stockham of ExpertVoice

The Bottom Line – Tom Stockham, CEO of ExpertVoice (formerly Experticity), describes how his company helps consumer brands—such as TOMS Shoes, Purina and Skull Candy—identify

The road to RICO Brand with Jorge Fierro

The Bottom Line – Jorge Fierro is the founder and CEO of RICO Brand, a company that makes a line of gourmet ready-to-eat

Shawn Bercuson: a self-proclaimed “startup junkie”

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: October 2, 2018) — There’s an oft-cited statistic that can put fear into the hearts of entrepreneurs–that 90%