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Smoothing the Mortgage Lending Process

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: December 20, 2016) – Matt Hansen has always loved to build things. In 2010 after he

Finding a “Corporate Theory”

The Bottom Line – (Original Air date: May 23, 2017)  Often people have goals for their business idea or company, but don’t

What Does a CFO Do?

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: May 2, 2017) – Doug recently spoke with Bill Benz, a finance executive who has served

James Mayfield, Co-Founder of CHOICE Humanitarian

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: June 30, 2015) – Forty years ago James Mayfield saw the challenges of extreme poverty around the globe

Solving Our Plastics Problem, While Profiting

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: January 3, 2017) – Plastic waste is a massive problem globally. It’s over-filling our landfills and

Business 101: Learning the Value of Giving Back

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: May 9, 2017) – Nowadays business students are taught not only the value of profiting, but

The Eccles Family Legacy – An Interview with Spencer P. Eccles

The Bottom Line – (Original Air date: March 1, 2016) Few families have done more to make Utah a better place to live,

Energizing students with STEM through Tiny Satellites

The Bottom Line (Air Date: January 10, 2017) –Today’s satellites are smaller, more powerful, and cheaper than ever before. They’re also even

The Bottom Line: President & CEO, Tim Sullivan

The Bottom Line (Original air Date: July 8, 2014) – Utah-based is the world’s largest online family history resource.  Since we

The Bottom Line: Mike Dutton, Winder Farms CEO

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: January 13, 2015) – Delivery vehicles for Winder Farms have traversed the Utah landscape since 1880.