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The Rundown: Mexico’s US-Backed Strategy to Curb Stream of Migrants

Today on the program we take a look at the recent decline in the number of migrants crossing into the United States

The Rundown: Watchable Wildlife, Political Cornflakes, Sugar House S-Line and More

Today on the program a conversation with Bob Walters, Watchable Wildlife Coordinator for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources about some upcoming

The Rundown: Previewing the Utah Humanities Book Festival

Today on the show: some big-name authors will be at the annual Utah Humanities Book Festival – including Diane Ackerman, Robert Pinsky

The Rundown: Diverging Choices on Utah’s Water Future and More

Today on the show we get a report on a new study from the Utah Foundation urging better planning when it comes

The Rundown: From Nuisance to Resource – Reconsidering Stormwater

Today on the show, water managers in Utah are considering new practices for reducing the pollution from stormwater, while looking at stormwater

The Rundown: Mountain Accord Program Manager Laynee Jones on Planning

Today on the show we’re joined by Laynee Jones, Program Manager for a multi-party, collaborative effort to try to plan the future

The Rundown: U.S. Soccer’s Megan Rapinoe on Being a Gay Athlete and Investing in the Future of Women’s Soccer

Midfielder Megan Rapinoe figures to be a major part of the U.S. national team in the coming years. She’s already won a

The Rundown: Utah Attorney General Republican Sean Reyes Running to Retain his Seat

With election season in full swing, from now until November 4th we’re featuring occasional interviews with the candidates. Recently we spoke with

The Rundown: Mia Love – Republican Candidate for Utah’s 4th Congressional District

With election day now less than 2 months away, The Rundown is featuring occasional interviews with candidates for public office. Today it’s

The Rundown: Health Department Says E-Cigarette Use Growing in Utah

A new report by the Utah Health Department shows a big increase in the number of people using electronic cigarettes in the

The Rundown: Rape Recovery Center Executive Director Holly Mullen

Later this month a Westminster College symposium will examine what some are calling an epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses. In

The Rundown: Executive Action on Immigration Reform Drawing Near?

Today on the show we check in with Mark Alvarez, immigration expert for Telemundo Utah and local Spanish language radio host. After

The Rundown: Doug Owens – Democratic Candidate for Utah’s 4th Congressional District

Today on the show we’re joined by Doug Owens, the Democratic candidate for Utah’s 4th District seat in congress – which is

The Rundown: Mayor Ralph Becker Talks UTA, Hive Pass, Beers with Becker

Today on the program we feature the latest of our monthly interviews with Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. KCPW’s Roger McDonough

The Rundown: Democratic Candidate for Utah Attorney General Charles Stormont

Today on the program, as part of a series of interviews with candidates for statewide office, we’re joined by Charles Stormont, Democratic

The Rundown: Utah’s Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness

Through the Summer on the program we’re re-airing some of our favorite interviews from the past year. Today it’s a conversation with

The Rundown: Looking at Suicide Prevention Efforts in Utah

Today on the show – with a worldwide spotlight on the death of actor Robin Williams – we’re re-airing a conversation about

The Rundown: Author John de Graaf on What Really Makes Us Happy

Back in November, host Roger McDonough spoke with John de Graaf, Executive Director of the organization Take Back Your Time, as well as co-founder and

The Rundown: Climatologist Michael Mann and the Politics of Carbon

Dr. Michael Mann is a well-known climatologist who helped pioneer methods to track global temperatures and the climate through the centuries. This breakthrough

The Rundown: Lisa Stoddard of the SLC VA Medical Center Discusses the Seriousness of Veteran PTSD

Last September, KCPW’s Roger McDonough sat down with Lisa Stoddard, who’s the suicide prevention coordinator for the Salt Lake City Veterans Affairs

The Rundown: SLC Science Writer Brian Switek Sizes Up Giant Dinosaurs

Paleontologists in Argentina recently announced the discovery of the fossilized remains of an enormous new species of dinosaur, a huge new sauropod that

The Rundown: Salt Lake Tribune Film Critic Sean P. Means Takes Inventory of His Career So Far

On today’s show, Salt Lake City film critic Sean P. Means has been reviewing movies for the paper for more than 20 years now.

The Rundown: Journalist Scott Keyes on the Conservative Push to Curb Divorce

In April 2014, Scott Keyes (formerly of The Center for American Progress) wrote in the Washington Post about efforts by conservatives in

The Rundown: Groundwater Depletion Threatens Long-Term Water Supply in West

Today on the show, groundwater is being depleted so rapidly from beneath the Colorado River Basin that long term water security in

The Rundown: Pioneer Days Gone-By with Historian Brad Westwood

Tomorrow is Pioneer Day, a regional celebration of the arrival of the mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley 167 years ago

The Rundown: New Course in the Humanities Aims to Inspire Lifelong Love of Learning

Through the Summer on the show we’re highlighting some of our favorite interviews from the past year. Today it’s a conversation with

The Rundown: Sherlock Holmes and Utah – a Conversation with Author Michael Homer (rebroadcast)

Throughout the summer on the program we’re re-airing some of our favorite interviews from the past year. Today, it’s a conversation from

The Rundown: When is Breaking the Law Justified? Civil Disobedience in America (Rebroadcast)

Today on the show we revisit a conversation from earlier this year about civil disobedience. In May, we spoke with Charles DiSalvo,

The Rundown: Dr. J. Craig Venter on So-Called Synthetic Life (rebroadcast)

Through the summer on the rundown we’re airing some of our favorite interviews from the past year. Today, it’s a conversation with

The Rundown: SLC Mayor Ralph Becker on Golf, Solar Power, Marriage and More

Today on the show we feature the latest in an ongoing series of conversations with Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker. On