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The Rundown: A Look at Domestic Violence in the State of Utah – Part 1

Although the definitions and measurements vary among the states, domestic violence – also called Intimate Partner Violence – continues to be prevalent

The Rundown: How Dust Storms Affect Utah Watersheds

Today on the show a look at how the dust events that occur regularly each spring along the Wasatch front could be

The Rundown: Hydrologist Randy Julander on Drought in Utah and the West

Today on the program we hear from Randy Julander, Snow Services Supervisor for the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The Rundown: Our Monthly Visit with SLC Mayor Ralph Becker

Today, we check in with Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker for our monthly conversation. We’ll look at the Mountain Accord, the

The Rundown: New Research Suggests Long Pause on Bering Land Bridge for First Americans

A new column in the journal Science by University of Utah Anthropologist Dennis O’Rourke and two other researchers argues that the progress

The Rundown: City Energy Project Aims to Address Pollution from Buildings

Ten American cities, including Salt Lake, are taking part in an initiative to cut the amount of pollution given off by large

The Rundown: Filmmaker Paul Larsen on Exploring Human Spirituality

Today on the show we speak with Paul Larsen, writer and director of the film Spirituality for the Uninsured, about the many

The Rundown: New Developments in Las Vegas Water Pipeline Project

Today on the show we speak to Steve Erickson, Utah Coordinator for the Great Basin Water Network to hear about recent actions

The Rundown: Local Watchmaker and Repairman Chris Howard on American Watchmaking

Today we look at the history – and present state – of American Watchmaking. We’ll speak with Salt Lake watchmaker and repairman

The Rundown: Indoor Air Quality an Overlooked Environmental Concern (part 2)

Americans spend the vast majority of their time indoors, but research on air pollution focuses primarily on outside air quality. Today, part