CityViews 9/19/11: Higher Ed

Westminster College President Michael Bassis plans to retire next year. Photo: Westminster College


Segment 1:

The economic downturn has more adults returning to the classroom to beef up their skills and resumes. But the cost of higher education does not make this an easy reality. How can colleges and universities make tuition more affordable while keeping their institutions financially strong?



Segment 2:

An update on the search for a new president at the University of Utah.


  • Cameron Martin, Associate Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education


  1. JNP

    From email:

    I’m a Phd grad student at the U. I went to a small liberal arts college in the midwest for my undergrad. Their tuition has doubled since I graduated (10 years ago). I wonder if my daughter (now 8 yrs old) will be priced out of the small liberal arts education. Such a thought makes me sad because of my own wonderful experience.