CityViews 10/25/11: All is Vanity?


Segment 1:

Drive along I-15 and you can’t miss the billboards advertising enlargements and sculptings and skin treatments. Utahns love plastic surgery. Who’s fueling the demand and what does this quest for perfection say about Utah culture?


  • Dr. Lauren Florence, plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City
  • Dr. Justine Reel, Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Health Promotion and Education, University of Utah

Segment 2:

Unemployment numbers last year showed 8.2 percent of Utah workers needed a job. But for young workers in Utah, unemployment was at 14.7 percent. Advocates say more needs to be done to help young people find work.


  1. Justine Reel, SPEAK

    SPEAK hosts a Love Your Body Week each year to promote a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body as well as a “health at every size approach”

  2. Maya

    It was a great discussion. Thank you for choosing a wonderful topic and great education provided by Dr. Reel!

  3. Robert

    Excellent Job-Dr. Reel! Good topic to discuss and thank you for sharing!

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