CityViews 11/10/11: Veterans and Jobs







Segment 1:


Unemployment for veterans is well above the national average, but Utah business, government and veterans groups are working together to improve the job picture for returning vets. What does the transition from the military to a civilian job feel like? How can veterans use the skills they learned on the battlefield in the commercial world?


  • Terry Schow, Executive Director, Utah Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • Bart Davis, State Benefits Advisor, Utah National Guard
  • Brian Garrett, Vice President, Zions Bank


Segment 2:

Lucy Watkins circa 1943




The Waves are considered the first women veterans, with recruitment beginning in World War II. Utah Waves veterans recently gathered to swap stories and be honored, and two Waves members join us to share their experiences.


  • Norma Day, Navy veteran and Waves (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) of the Wasatch member
  • Lucy Watkins, Navy veteran and Waves of the Wasatch member
  1. Carol & Bill Watkins

    We are so glad to get to hear this. We are very proud of our Aunt Lucy. Carol and Bill Watkins

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