CityViews 12/13/11: Sederburg on Higher Ed


Segment 1:

Under his watch as Commissioner of Higher Education, William Sederburg saw student enrollment at Utah’s eight colleges and universities grow 22 percent while state funding was cut 14 percent. After four years, he’s stepping down and Tuesday, he joins us to talk about making the case for higher ed and doing more with less.


  •  William Sederburg, Utah Commisioner of Higher Education



Segment 2:

Refugees and new immigrant children often struggle with language, culture and identity in addition to learning their ABCs. Now a new charter school hopes to focus on their unique needs and abilities.


  • Linda Barth, Board Chair, Utah International School (UIS)
  • Benjamin Horsely, Granite School District spokesman

For more information about Utah International School, which is set to open in 2013, email Linda at


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