CityViews 12/22/11: One Chapter Ends, Another Begins


Segment 1:

Over 80 years ago, Gus Weller opened a second-hand bookstore in downtown Salt Lake City and it evolved into full-service shop on Main Street, filled to the rafters with modern classics, rare books and Mormon titles. But times are changing. In another week, Sam Weller’s Bookstore becomes Weller Book Works and moves to Trolley Square. We’ll talk with the Wellers about Sam, the move and the future of independent bookstores.



  • Catherine Weller
  • Tony Weller



Segment 2:

It’s the season of giving, but are we giving enough to those in need? An update from local charities on donations and services during the holidays.



  1. Kip Meacham

    Great interview, Jennifer! You’re a very competent, engaging and talented person! Best wishes to the Weller folks in their next chapter!

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