CityViews 1/10/12: Why Don’t We Vote?


Segment 1:

Utahns have a reputation for being good-hearted souls, volunteering and donating organs in record numbers. But that virtue doesn’t extend to the ballot box, with only one in four eligible Utahns registered to vote. On Tuesday, we’re talking about Utah’s dismal voting record and what can be done to involve more citizens in our democracy.



  • Jennifer Gonnelly, League of Women Voters of Utah
  • Dr. Tim Chambless, political science professor, University of Utah




Segment 2:

At 19, Tom Huynh escaped from his native Vietnam to a refugee camp in the Phillipines and eventually made his way to the U.S. Now, Huynh is the first minority elected to the West Valley City Council. He joins us to discuss his remarkable personal journey and his entry into local politics.



  •  Tom Huynh, West Valley City Council